Lost Child

Gotta tell you this one real quick…it’s a story I was told just yesterday – drama central over here trust me!

So there’s a larger school near the kindergarten I work at…and the parents are up in arms at the moment – full pitchfork and flaming torches kinda deal (well you know, metaphorically!) …news travels fast here with a dedicated community of Mothers in place to spread stories, as and when necessary! And boyyyy, is it necessary!

Crowd GIF

Usually such upset is over trivial matters…but the latest is pretty ridiculous I have to admit, and the uproar levels are definitely justified; let me cut to the chase…one of the students (five years old I think) was on the school bus home…when he decided to have a little snooze! I mean, there’s nothing better right? You wake up, and you are at your destination! Perfect! 

Ingeniously he decided to stretch out over a couple of chairs for maximum comfort! And slowly but surely the bus made its way around the student’s homes…and before long there was no one in it ! Apart from the driver, and that little sleeping chap in the back of course…

Well the driver wasn’t the most screwed on fella in the world (it seems) – because he eventually finished his usual route, did one little look back and saw no one…so then proceeded to drive the bus to the school’s shelter and head on out into the night! Naturally an hour or so later the boy woke up to nothing but darkness, wondering just where the hell he was!

Confession GIF

Thankfully the door of the bus was open – so the petrified boy was able to free himself from his prison…but that only meant he was in a strange place, with no idea how to get home. It’s basically the kindergarten version of The Shawshank Redemption. Poor lad. So all he had left in his arsenal was to wander these unfamiliar streets, whilst crying out loud. This went on for an hour or so apparently.

Finally the police asked him what the hell was going on. Or words to that effect I imagine! And were able to get in touch with his parents…who were freaking out. Like Drake getting kissed by Madonna levels of freaking out. 

Anyway, important info is – he’s coming to our school now! Feels kind of intriguing, he has an air of something about him…he is the boy who lived! Not quite Harry Potter, but definitely someone with a story to tell…just think of the things he must have seen on that detour of his! The bus seats…the pavement…the…well okay, it’s bland when I put it like that!

Awkward MIley GIF


In unrelated news, we now have a strict seat-belt policy for the kids, and a final check procedure when the bus is finishing its route. But as I say…totally unrelated. 



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22 Replies to “Lost Child”

  1. My son fell asleep on is school bus once. Thankfully he popped up and wasn’t left on the bus. The bus was very crowded and the bus driver called and apologized profusely, taking full responsibility for what happened. She even brought him back home. I thought that was exemplary. Though, it might have been more exciting if he had been The Boy That Lived.

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      1. I can’t say I blame him for laying low! An angry mob of mothers doesn’t sound like something I’d want targeting me!
        I look forward to the sequel!


  2. Once when I was seven I decided to walk home from school…by myself…and not tell anyone. I lived extremely close to the school, and I somehow thought walking home would mean I was officially “an adult” or something. My Mom always picked up me and my sister from school; when she got to the school there was my sister….and of course I was no where to be found. It was pretty bad…my poor Mom.

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      1. Haha! 🙂 I made it…my dad was at the apartment and he was like, “where are your mom and sisters ?” Right then The phone rings..it’s my mom…(scared to death) and my dad tells her I just walked through the door. I got in huge trouble. Yes lol…I can’t imagine how my mom felt.


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