What is Bravery?

We’ve all heard about the Caitlyn Jenner situation…and if you haven’t then I can only assume you are deaf, dumb and blind, live under a rock, and are from a completely different planet altogether…

If that applies to you then I’m a little jealous about the space travel thing – but putting that aside, I’m sure the rest of us able-bodied earthlings will agree we have been well and truly flooded with the news story for the past week or so. It’s been everywhere. EVERYWHERE! 

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But listen, I’m certainly not looking to get into a debate about transvestites, transgenders, or any moral points regarding such a transition (who the fuck gives a shit about a stranger’s personal fucking decision?) – but what I am looking to open up is a discussion about bravery. What is bravery, and how does it differ from person to person?

You see ever since this story broke there have been a whole host of people bringing up stuff that they feel takes real bravery, and then comparing it with the life of Caitlyn Jenner. So you know there have been photos thrown up of war veterans, soldiers…historical figures, pioneers of social change…etc, etc – and then a few words about how their actions takes true courage and bravery, and in turn Caitlyn’s is basically bullshit.

I find this a little silly, because why are we suddenly turning this into a competition? Why do we have to disgrace one, in order to praise the other? You see, the truth is bravery comes in all shapes and sizes…and just like everyone, I have my own definition of true courage


True courage to me can be witnessed every day, with your average everyday folks…true courage is warming up that chicken the next day for lunch when you know it may give you a funny stomach…true courage is sitting through Braveheart and not being in tears when the “FREEEEDOMMM!” bit comes on…true courage is that person you see singing and dancing in public with their earphones in…true courage is when someone with my complexion goes out in the searing sun with lotion any lower than factor 50…true courage is going outside when you called in “sick” for work! And so on, and so on! 

But fortunately this is just my opinion, so I won’t be forcing it as a rigid definition of bravery onto other people. I invite others to adopt the same approach…after all, it’s a lot less dickheadish. Think about it, we don’t do that for other definitions because they are so clearly subjective, rather than objective, that’s why you don’t really hear things like this; “ohhh you think that fried chicken is delicious?! Pftttt…that’s not delicious at all, this pizza is truly delicious” ERRRR, OKAY. “hahaha,you think you are truly happy with your new husband?! That’s not happiness, look at me in this photo – that’s true happiness, look at that smile!” ERRRR, YEAH OKAY. “Ahhh you think you are having fun at this party? You’re not having fun in the slightest, look at me I’m dancing on the table and waving my junk around.” PLEASE STOP, I – “You seriously think you’re weird?! That’s not being weird – this is weird…watch me lick this lamppost, kiss that stranger’s dog – and do a nude handstand in front of that police officer!” 

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Just consider it – not everything has to be compared and contrasted, not everything has to be in place to divide another. Live, and let live, yeah?…cheers in advance my friend – you brave bastard you! 



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