“Should I Be a MGTOW?”

Another video request…and a rather controversial one at that – but I feel it’s best not to shy away from these topics – otherwise how will we have conversations that can lead to resolutions?

I was asked what my views were on the relatively new ‘MGTOW’ movement (Men Going Their Own Way)…

I’d love to hear people’s (men’s AND women’s) views in the comment section…maybe you can educate me, I am rather ignorant of everything surrounding this movement, and would like to hear more from both sides…is it something that limits, or aids us as people on this earth?

If you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can!



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12 Replies to ““Should I Be a MGTOW?””

  1. It’s a tough one. I think it’s okay, people should have the choice to do what they want to do, I think you’re right that it seems like the flip side of feminism. Personally, I don’t see my man as a bank or a sperm donor, I have no income of my own because I stay at home with the baby but he goes out as works but it’s like team work, if he didn’t there’d be no money, if we bother worked there’d be lots of money but no time, if I worked and he stayed home there would be less money because I don’t have any qualifications and he does.
    We get to enjoy our time together, maybe I’m a traditionalist like yourself.
    To be honest, the MGTOW motion seems like a bunch of men who’re ‘scorned’ by women so they say fuck it and go their own way, like women can, and have been known too, after having enough of men…. I guess it each to their own x

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    1. Yeah, you see – that’s what I am talking about…to me the whole team thing, and division of tasks/duties, and overall reliance on each other – is what makes for a great, and trusting relationship…which I am surprised anyone wouldn’t want! Right?

      I do think that the movement or whatever is an off shoot from that, and that most probably have been wronged in some way, and this offers some kind of remonstration – but yeah, I need to read up on it more. Naturally if everyone was part of the polar extremes then there would be chaos in society.


      1. I agree. A real relationship is about balance, If you find yourself in a relationship where you feel you’re the ‘sperm donor’ or the ‘ATM’ then you’re not in the right relationship, I think the same could be said for the feminists too, try often hit back because they feel like the ‘house help’ or the ‘cook’ and feel under appreciated, it’s pretty much the male/female versions of the same thing. I’m not really a feminist, although I am female, and I’m obviously never going to be a MGTOW either, but I think that both sexes are entitled to feel the way they do. With that said though, I believe that a feminist or a MGTOW will always need someone from the opposite sex anyway, either for sexual reasons or in other ways like Parental support etc… I guess I’m as uneducated about both subjects but the way I see it is men and women fighting back because they don’t feel they’re valued enough, it’s almost childish in a way and maybe that why Anonymous asked for you opinion, because he’s being labeled for believing in something that not everybody understands. Maybe that’s why I feel it’s childish and would argue that men who want to Go Their Own Way are probably middle aged, recently divorced men who want to cut strings and get drunk, fuck bitches and party like a teen because that’s what hey feel they’ve missed out on. But that’s the impression I get from a subject I don’t understand, sorry anon, but maybe that’s why you’re having trouble getting through to people, because like me, everyone is judgmental of things they don’t understand, much like many people think feminists are women who go around bra-less, unshaven and shouting about how much they hate men… It’s the wrong impression and mental image associated with a title…. I think I’ve rambled on enough now lol

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  2. If we were talking about anything else that had a 50% failure rate, the fallout of which disproportionately destroyed women’s lives, no one would have a problem with women opting out of whatever that thing was. But – because it’s men’s lives that are disproportionately destroyed, no matter the failure rate, men are whiny, childish, misogynistic, cowardly, and bigoted towards women.

    You will find hate for women within MGTOW. You will also find many women that hate men. The question is why. As with most women, a man bitten is going to hate that which bit him. How long that hate lasts varies from person to person. The MGTOW mindset has a tendency to free men from their hate. How? By removing the illusions and enchantments regarding women. It’s the expectations men have of women that cause the hate. Once you see women for what they are – just as capable of deep betrayal, deceit and cruelty as any man – the hate dissipates. Women are not special beings incapable of causing great harm to others.

    Men who believe women to be special beings – better than men – are at most risk for misplaced hatred. Men that need women to prop up their self-esteem and egos to be mentally healthy are in serious need of psychological help (think Elliot Rodger/PUAs).

    Feminists have done more to free men from the bane of their existence – the traditional male role – than any other group. The problem with feminism is that it wildly overshot equality and morphed into the new bane of male existence. Feminists, anti-feminists, white knights, tradcons, liberals, the gynocracy, the patriarchy, the matriarchy and MRAs all work to continue the subjugation of men. They differ only in the way they implement the subjugation and their angle of attack.

    The rape stats are false. The wage gap stats are false. The DV stats are false. Men contribute the majority of taxes and women consume the majority of federal funding. There’s even talk about giving women a premium in social security. Men pay the majority of taxes and live shorter lives, but the PTB want to give women more social security. Women have always been the privileged class. The vast majority of men have always been the disposable class.

    Gynocentrism has run amok. Misandry has run amok. MGTOW don’t want a better seat at the slave table. MGTOW understand that MRAs, feminists, anti-feminists, white knights, liberals, the gynocracy and tradcons hope to mold men into whatever best suits their particular group’s goals. Its plain old brainwashing and social engineering. MGTOW see through this. To get elected and re-elected, male government leaders are throwing men under the bus by pandering to women for their votes. Women manipulate powerful men – with threatpoint – to implement policies and laws that discriminate against men and work in favor of women in education, health and welfare.

    MGTOW understand how false rape, DV, sexual assault, molestation and harassment claims can destroy their lives. MGTOW are fully aware of how wildly these statistics have been falsified by feminists. They also understand why. The President of the United States knows the stats are false. The colleges know the stats are false. The feminists know the stats are false. Congress knows the stats are false. So why do they all keep using the false stats? It’s not too hard to figure out.

    MGTOW want no part of feminism, anti-feminism, men’s rights activism, white knighting, liberal or traditional conservative beliefs. MGTOW understand how marriage and family can destroy their lives. Through marriage and family, tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed in the past 40+ years, which has resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of male suicides. MGTOW want no part in traditional male roles. MGTOW want no part in the feminist definition of manhood either.

    MGTOW see through the illusions, enchantments and brainwashing. MGTOW understand that women aren’t sugar and spice and everything nice. MGTOW see through the BS that society feeds men regarding women.

    MGTOW is about not needing women in your life to be happy and healthy. MGTOW is about recognizing that women are fully capable of seriously damaging your life physically, psychologically, emotionally, legally, spiritually and financially. MGTOW is about limiting the power women have over men’s lives. MGTOW is about seeing women for what they are – not what women want you to believe they are. MGTOW is about freeing men of their obsession and addiction to women.

    Beware those that promote marriage. If married, most will one day end up divorced. If it’s a bread winning man with children, there’s a good chance he’ll end up living on a friends couch, in a studio apartment, with his parents, in jail for failure to keep up with his support payments or dead from suicide. Note that divorce doesn’t alter women’s suicide rates. Why? Women get preferential treatment in divorce by the misandric family courts. Male birth control cannot come fast enough.

    If you look carefully, men are the disposable, oppressed gender. Need a simple example? Selective service. There are dozens of other examples I won’t touch on here. There are a ton of sites that debunk the myth of male privilege. Googling ‘male privilege debunked’ will bring up some of them. MGTOW seek their own sovereignty and freedom from this disposability. MGTOW understand that certain political groups gain great power and wealth by constantly demonizing men. Among them are feminists and progressives. The left needs to keep women and minorities in their camp to maintain their share of power on the hill – which means women and minorities must remain perpetual victims.

    There is nothing more damaging to the vast majority of men than the patriarchy and white knight/chivalrous men. These men are naive fools. Men in power will gladly throw the majority of men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy, to keep their jobs (get re-elected) and to maintain the status quo. Alimony, child support and default maternal custody are constructs of men and constructs of a time when women could not support themselves financially. This is patriarchy. Men made these rules, which have destroyed tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives. It was mandated by society that men be providers and protectors of their families, just like women were mandated by society to be homemakers and caregivers. If was mandated that men go to war and sacrifice their lives for women and ‘women’s children’. Alimony and child support have been severely abused since the advent of women’s lib. The patriarchal structure was designed to benefit women and those men at the top – and to make the majority of men disposable.

    What men really need to understand is that both the patriarchy and feminism are working against the vast majority of men; hence the debunked rape, wage and domestic violence statistics. That feminists continue to run with the debunked statistics is very telling. The President of the United States himself uses these debunked stats to keep women and minorities voting for progressives. In short, he’s throwing the majority of men under the bus for personal and political gain. It’s all about power and control.

    The single most misandric institution is marriage. Men give all of their power over to their wives when they marry, which is why men should never marry. It is the patriarchy that gave women this power over men though marriage, not feminism.

    Hope that helps you better understand the MGTOW mindset. It’s a lot to take in. Gynocentrism.com helps in understanding the patriarchy and gynocracy better. There are a multitude of sites that debunk the wage, DV and rape stats. There are a plethora of sites that expose the hypocrisy to be found in feminism.

    Should you be a MGTOW? You should be exposed to the truth and then be allowed to make that choice for yourself.

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    1. Hi Tim, really appreciate your thorough, and well thought out response. It certainly leaves a lot for me to think about…weird as it is, I think it is the traditional view of marriage being an expected formality which is why people still go into it…I must say I was/am(?) one of those people – but the figures are ALARMING to say the least, and with so many destined to fail then yeah…nightmare waiting to happen, especially for the male it often seems. Hard to ignore the cold figures, and facts.

      Thanks to you, and further research I feel a little more knowledgable on the whole thing…I think it is very unhealthy to limit oneself, and to not attempt to seek out the best version of yourself, so you can achieve – that’s what I am doing for now. Long run…well that choice is still to be made…

      Thanks again mate.


  3. Thanks for the video and not shying away from a controversial topic. Well appreciated that. Though one thought runs through my head “Why can’t we be friends?” Ah well, perhaps people will start to work more together eventually than against.

    Or one can hope.

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    1. People seem to have looked at it, and went “oooh-errr” not touching this – which I can understand! But I thought I had to be open, and honest – and as you say not shy away from this clearly controversial topic. I wonder why we can’t all be friends…I know that’s all I want anyways, here is to hoping?

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  4. Wow a new label and an interesting discussion, John. I find that many women are reassessing relationships too. The conversations I have with my friends are more positive. We want to have friendships with both men and women, intimacy with the people we resonate with, care for our families if we have them, and most importantly don’t give ourselves away when we become intimate with someone. It is really easy to lose your sense of self when you are with another person. Friends are really important! We individually are important and when we look after ourselves we have more to give to other people. You already say this. Self worth. Don’t limit ourselves. I think that we can have very positive relationships when we respect the differences in others and not try to control anyone. Negative thoughts and behaviours aren’t going to solve the divide. Enjoy life and have great exchanges with many people. cheers Jeni

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    1. I think you are right here! It appears to be that the limitation element of relationships is what has sparked this debate/movement…whatever you want to call it! It’s interesting to hear that women are having similar thoughts along the same lines – what will all of this lead to in the future – I really don’t know! But I certainly don’t enjoy the division of it all, and yes negativity certainly won’t help – here’s to hoping we can all get along! Cheers Jeni!


  5. There are a few very nice MGTOW’s that I really appreciate chatting with. There are also some that are just bitter and angry towards all of womankind and really are like a mirror reflection of feminism.

    I think men are awesome and so is love and romance and marriage. Intimacy, companionship…babies. I could go on and on, but you get the idea 😉


  6. I think you answered this question really well! It’s a really tricky topic, and it’s so refreshing that you can just be honest about your views!
    Obviously being a woman it makes me sad that guys can just bunch us up in a huge group and say ‘You’re all nasty, money stealing bitches!’ Cus ergh how rude is that?! But I’m also aware of times in my life when I’ve just lifted my hands up and been like ‘Guys you know what?? You SUCK!’ *clears throat* so yeah, I think you’re right, it does sound like a reaction thing, but I can also understand it 😦

    Why oh why is the traditional idea of marriage and being a gentleman a thing of the past!? When I first started dating my husband he always made a point of walking on the road side of the path, opened doors for me etc, I think often it’s the way it’s done…but I just thought it was lovely, he treated me with respect, and in return (considering I was rather jaded at the time) I adored him! (still do) You treat people the way you wanna be treated, so it makes sense! The worst thing is that lots of women don’t treat their men with respect, and that really annoys me, but honestly? One of you has to start walking by the road or opening doors for the other (it doesn’t have to be a men only thing!) it’s all just part of looking out for each other! There must still be hope!


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