Live for the Weekend?

“I can’t wait for the weekend!” says some tiresome, but probably well meaning person in your workplace…shame it’s only Tuesday – and the drab countdown to allotted free time will now drag even longer than usual…


Why do they do it? Is life really that shit, that you want to tick bits off like it’s a jail sentence you can’t wait to be over? 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. But I hate this idea of, “living for the weekend.” It’s not that I don’t get it (I really do!), it’s just that I feel this means your’e only finding worth in two measly days out of seven. If I was better at maths, I’d work out the percentage of life you are missing out on thanks to this perspective, but I’m not so I won’t – let’s just all agree on a lot. 

My situation is good at the moment – so perhaps that’s why I can be so recklessly judgy, and borderline pretentious about this sort of stuff…after all I just teach kindergarten Monday, to Friday; 9:30 till 14:30…which leaves the rest of the day free for me to pursue the things I love – namely writing…or you know – eating, and sleeping…actually sometimes all three if I’m feeling real ambitious! 

Naturally this makes me happy! Doing what you like makes you happy, it’s as simple as that. And although it is a very temporary situation – for now, I can only praise the stars, my lucky charms, and/or whatever else for granting me such a sweet deal. It hasn’t always been that way…at one point I was getting up to do a paper round at 5:30am, then on to push televisions around at an electrical store, then a shift at the pub later on. Madness – I mean I was supposed to be studying…

Dollar GIF

Anyway during those days the weekends were my busiest! So I can’t say I was thrilled every time they rolled around. Tuesdays were great…Wednesdays too…

My rather rambled, and convoluted point is this…try and find good in every day, not just the ones where you get to take shots of some obnoxious liquid, and wake up in a puddle of your own expulsions without worrying about missing an appointment. There is good in the weekdays too. Even if it’s just a nice conversation, a sunny day, or the anticipation of dinner with a family member, or watching the new episode of your favourite show…it’s all good my friends, it’s all good…


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51 Replies to “Live for the Weekend?”

  1. Good post. The more we get stuck in the waiting for the weekend mentality the more we resent the weekdays inbetween. I’m definitely guilty of this but today will consciously resolve to enjoy the day. For a start the sun is shining and I’m alive and kicking, without the kicking part, there’s really no need for that, unless you are a kickboxer and then I guess it’s pretty important, but on the whole probably not kicking is better.

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  2. I love that post. There was a time I also just worked myself through the week in order to reach the weekend… then Sunday evening blues… But for many years now I love it all totally. I am even happy when Monday comes and I can do my own schedule at home again, making my time my kingdom.
    Btw. I love your new theme, John! Where was the picture taken?

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    1. I think everyone is guilty of it, and actually it’s only natural! But it’s great to have an appreciation of it all! Having your own schedule helps immensely!

      Oh, and thanks! Was just tweaking some things…it was taken getting off a small plane in the arctic circle…Sweden I think, when I was heading to Finland 🙂

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  3. I agree!, I always end up classes on weekend which kind of makes bearable for me because i get to see my friends then hang with them. Plus it’s a ‘day’ you should look forward to. weekend are days too.

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  4. You make some good points!

    I think part of the reason why people focus so much on the weekends is that they are not getting enough satisfaction out of their job.

    I try to keep it simple: I live for my life.

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  5. Such a great reminder, especially in the winter months it seems! We’ve gotta live each day for the good that can come out of it, not be skipping over opportunity and time.

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  6. Soooo love this one. I remember my first “real” job, fresh out of college. It paid well, but I was not motivated. A colleague gave me some advice..”Take your $ and live for the weekend, that’s what we all do “. I left the job before the year was out. Lesson learned. ☺ Great post, John.

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  7. So true…. and worth being reminded of. I gave up a job in a school and found no benefit from the holidays. Life seemed nothing more than waiting for the next one to come around and then dreading the end of it almost as soon as it had started. As soon as I moved on to something else, I started living each day for itself and am by far the better for it.

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    1. Helen you speak such sense! I hate the countdown to the summer holiday…half term….winter break…etc, etc! Sure they’re great but it means you are just crossing off days, as if they don’t matter at all! Ridiculous really! Glad you found happiness! 🙂

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  8. Good read. Now reveal that weeks are like seven day cycles of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a loop of events called life.

    The mind of the weekend people is blown…

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  9. You would want to be happy on all days… wont you! too hard 😦 You are really lucky if you feel good on Sunday evening… or every morning if you are excited to go to work… its pretty great… I tried it once…. but it doesn’t last 😦

    Great read though 🙂

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  10. I don’t know how I missed this post, John but I’ve found it now 🙂
    Couldn’t agree with this more. Not saying, I do find the best in every day, just saying I should 🙂
    When you get tired teaching Kindergarten, you should consider being a life coach. 🙂


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