LOOK UP! (Little Things)

Sort of carrying on from my post about enjoying every day of your life (not just the weekends) with this one…except with this video I am talking about paying attention in life, so that you don’t miss some potentially beautiful moments! 

Of course I touch upon a number of other things throughout this particular ramble – including N*Sync, how amazing grandparents are, confusing baby talk…and much, much more! 

Oh, and remember – any video request ideas – send them over to me! Would be great to hear from you…



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13 Replies to “LOOK UP! (Little Things)”

      1. I understand that! Had the same problem with presents of my kids… they made it with joy and pride and I would feel guilty to throw it away.


  1. Nice to be reminded to occasionally open our eyes and take time to notice what we take for granted. I think we all get caught up in being so busy—going here and there—that we forget to breath, relax and recognize the moment. John, your alright. Thanks for the reminder that we should stop every once and a while and slow down, just for a tic or two, to really see what is around us, and take that moment to enjoy it. :O)

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  2. I did the “look up” once in my city’s downtown and noticed the architectural features for the first time. These buildings have been around since my grand parents and great grand parents time and I hadn’t noticed how LOVELY some of them were! Now I look forward to the times I have to drive in that area so I can see them again.
    My video request is:the next time you are home, video your grandfather. I want to meet him now that you’ve mentioned him. I work with seniors and I love “meeting” new ones!


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