HUGE Negative of Life Abroad

Of course there are huge perks to travelling and seeing other places! It’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s something to tell your imaginary not even alive yet grandkids! And all that jazz…but what about the negatives?

Well there is one in particular that stands out for me…

p.s. WOWZA. Just noticed how much of a downer this video is, and how I didn’t really offer much in the way of help! I’ve got a winter cold (aka I’ll likely die) – so please let me off this time around!

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10 Replies to “HUGE Negative of Life Abroad”

  1. What part of South Korea are you in? And how long are you here for?! I’m living in Seoul for a teaching job. I’ve only been here for about 3 months and I haven’t really tried to learn Korean. I struggle with the language barrier, but I’ve learned the absolute bare minimum to get me by, and in reality that’s only about 5-10 phrases. I can get annoyed when cashiers or servers insist on talking to me in Korean, trying to explain themselves, the menu, or ask further questions about my order. Apparently, me pointing to a photo on the menu and saying “uuuhhhmm, this please?” isn’t a clear sign that I have no idea what I’m doing. Also, being a pedestrian is so frustrating in general, and SK is no exception! People don’t mind pushing you to the side without the slightest hint of apology and cars get uncomfortably close to me while I walk on narrow streets. But it is what it is. It’s good to let off some steam! Have some soju and be merry! :p


    1. Hi there! You arrived?! Where are you? I’m in 수원 영통, it’s just outside of Seoul but on the subway map. I can get by with my Korean…ish…but somedays you just don’t want to deal, know what I mean? haha!


  2. Hang in there, John! Sorry you’re not feeling well, either… Nothing wrong with sharing your human side with us (not that you’re not human of course) and it’s still interesting to hear your point of view from where you are – you’re kind of like Waldo, aren’t you?!! Are you ever going to be able to teach back in England some day?


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