Middle Finger to CCTV!

Sometimes you need to stand up for what is right…and stand up against those that seek to shackle you and obliterate your rights to freedom!


Well I have to say…I’m convinced! Bit of background on this – it’s from a slightly older students who spent some time in New Zealand, so unsurprisingly he picked up a penchant for movie quotes and, errrr, colourful language. He’s certainly a character, I’ll say that much…



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10 Replies to “Middle Finger to CCTV!”

  1. I loathe CCTV for most things. These days school being what it is, or isn’t I am not sure how I feel about it. Wish it had been around for some of the things I suffered at the hands of ruthless teachers. On the other hand I think it can be useful these days because so many teens for the most part are out of control.


  2. A comfort or obtrusive? CCTV is and can be both. I wish I had it in the house sometimes, when I’m having a ‘reasoned discussion’ with my son…
    ‘But you said I could game for two hours today.’
    ‘Err, I don’t think so …’
    ‘You so did. And now you’ve broken your word. You always go back on your promises…’
    And on, and on ….

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