Jehovah’s Witness Liar

Was approached by a very friendly young chap (Steven) the other day, who just so happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness with a rather exciting pamphlet on lying…and how it isn’t totally groovy so we should all just stop lying now to help save the planet. Or something. Anyway, just sharing the story and asking your view just as he asked me: “Is it possible to live in a world with no lies?” Hmmm…

To lie, or not to lie? That is the question…

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28 Replies to “Jehovah’s Witness Liar”

  1. I’m at work so I can’t watch the video, but I was pretty much stalked by Jehova’s Witnesses when I was 15. They came to our door and I talked to them (because I was fifteen and polite) and they kept coming back trying to convert me. My mother was furious and told them, “She’s only fifteen and you come anywhere near my daughter again I’ll have you arrested.”

    And now I don’t talk to Jehova’s Witnesses and I really recommend everyone else do likewise.

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  2. They come the door on Saturday Mornings. I’m a Christian and I was taught we should open our doors to the JWs and tell them why they are wrong. My Grandma a Pasyor’s wife always invites them in but you know, I just feel like I’m wasting time talking to them. I don’t believe what they believe, they don’t believe what I believe and we both know it. But last time I did open the door, the most adorable little girl who was maybe five or six was with her Mom and her Grandma and she invited me to some JW thing. She did such a good job speaking but I couldn’t help but glare at Mom and Grandma using a child like this. I accepted the magazine and put it in then recycling bin. I still feel bad about the incident and think I should have said something about it to the parent. But it’s her kid. I think we should try to be honest with each other whenever we can but it’s an imperfect world so sometimes to avoid hurting someone and doing greater damage, we tell lies. We tell them to not hurt our friends/family/acquaintances because I think that’s worse then lying. My opinion. Great Video John.

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    1. Thank you! And yes indeed, of course lying to hurt or degrade people is not something I am on board with – but naturally some are (some horrible people out there unfortunately!) But white lies and as you said, ones to avoid greater damage are a feature of simply politeness!

      Really big shame about the poor young kid, wish she could be out playing instead! 😡

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    2. “We tell them to not hurt our friends/family/acquaintances because I think that’s worse then lying”. That depends on whether the truth is merely hurting feelings/circumstances, or hurting in a deeper sense which is not loving.

      I think that in obedience to our conscience we sometimes have a responsibility to not withhold the truth, for instance when someone has a right to know the truth. How can I judge if someone does / does not have this right? Not necessarily by feelings/reasoning; it is dictated by my conscience, and I might easily be confused or deaf with regards to my conscience (and yet even if I am not, my conscience itself might be confused or weak, but I unless I can resolve that, I am still bound to obey my conscience).

      Seems that to “not withhold the truth” is not necessarily the same as overtly telling the truth with words; to do so in certain circumstances, or done in the wrong way, could actually be an obstacle to the truth, and could for instance be used to falsely appease my conscience, or for instance out of self-righteousness.

      Tricky subject, technically speaking!

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  3. funny, they don’t come to our door anymore…but somehow my husband is on their radar, and they are kind enough to mail him personal letters every month or so now…. really above and beyond, and now we don’t have to lie and pretend we aren’t home when they knock 🙂

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  4. The most fun you can have with JWs is ask them about dinosaurs; “How come the skeletons are carbon dated from millions of years ago when you claim the world is only 40,000 years old?” and “How come they don’t appear in “your” bible?” They get very stroppy when you start that line of questioning.

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  5. My missus has Compulsive Truth Syndrome. She’s out to destroy illusions. It used to embarrass me because I’m a shifty type by comparison because I don’t like upsetting people. Thing is, she’s rarely wrong so I’ve come to admire her directness. Still wince a bit sometimes, though …

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  6. Chris Jensen said he will never see how people believe in a man made god. Perhaps I already know but I’m wondering what does he mean by this?

    BTW Jehovah Witnesses apparently think that they do not believe that Jesus Christ is God.


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