Episode 23: Tin Foil Hats | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast

To understand the tin foil hat, you must become the tin foil hat…or at least that was the logic going into this mad hatter of an episode. Think the boys got to the bottom of it…ish? 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame is your bi-weekly dose of funny, featuring two real-life best mates and on-camera worst enemies,Continue reading “Episode 23: Tin Foil Hats | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast”

Sugar Mommy

 Another day, another unexpected and definitely legitimate email… I googled the lady, as I was intrigued…and according to the very reliable Wikipedia, she inherited a fortune of $18.2 billion from some Walmart fella some years back. I’m shocked she would email little old me! I’m also shocked she can’t write properly, but never mind… I wonder what her charity plans are…ifContinue reading “Sugar Mommy”


The internet was going crazy for a second, due to a rumor stating the infamous artist Banksy, had been stripped of his mysterious guise by the uncaring English police force.  Well I will admit, they got me too. And before I heard it was false, I was crazily infuriated…so much so, I haphazardly threw out some rather condemningContinue reading “Banksy-man”