The internet was going crazy for a second, due to a rumor stating the infamous artist Banksy, had been stripped of his mysterious guise by the uncaring English police force.  Well I will admit, they got me too. And before I heard it was false, I was crazily infuriated…so much so, I haphazardly threw out some rather condemning comments – only to be told it was a hoax…naturally, I then shriveled into a ball, shrank back into my cave – to curse myself for being so damn stupid. 

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 But what was it about this (false) news that angered me so? I had to think about that for a second…but after a little bit of time I recognised this – that I believe it is to do with what he represents, he stands for something – and could be anyone…isn’t that a wonderful thing? In a world that heralds celebrity individuals, who are desperate to cash in, and use any pull they have to generate income…he stands alone. A bit like the idea behind imaginary superheroes like Spiderman, or Batman…they are a symbol, a symbol that could be represented by anyone.

Probably not me…I mean, I doubt I would look good in spandex, it would look embarrassing…particularly around the groin-ish area…but you get my point. 

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A good friend of mine who is an artist, posted this in reaction: “This has actually made me quite emotional. I spent my whole life up to now admiring the mystery behind my all time favourite graffiti artist, Banksy. And now… Well now the government have just taken that away like they do anything that is ‘good and free’ – gutted!” Well thankfully it wasn’t true – and long may he continue with his artistry, and social critique!

What do you think? Were you fooled? Lemme know my potential crime fighter friends! And make sure you like the page at for more posts!

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  1. The report hasn’t been retracted by website in the US. But then again they have Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz at the top of their site; so, there’s that.

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  2. This is the first I’m hearing about it. So I re-read your first paragraph breathless until I continued reading. I think that was the first time I realized how important his anonymity is to me.

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    1. Ah! It’s something that you almost take for granted, which is great – that he is this semi-legendary figure that moves in the shadows, cropping up across the world with different challenging pieces!

      I was fooled, but I am pleased his mystery remains intact!

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  3. Luckily, I didn’t hear about it. It’s Banksy’s mystique that adds flare to his (or could be a ‘her’ for all we know) art.

    I’m quite glad Banksy remains anonymous.


  4. Don’t unfriend me…but I didn’t know who this was. I do now. I have been educated and am now in the good graces of you and your followers…I hope. Can’t imagine working SO HARD to be a whisper in the wind only to have someone yank my mask away. Stay scarce, Banksy!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Savannah Smiles


  5. I honestly had no idea who he was until I saw a story about him getting busted pop up on a friends feed on Facebook.

    I really want to see if he has the balls to do it to a government building in the U.K. That’s how you really fight the system.


  6. I AM in the U.S. and I did not read a thing about Palin or Cruz, but I did read about Bansky. At almost the same time I read he had been uncovered, I then read it was a hoax, so luckily I missed the panic attack. It would have been a horrible thing if he had been revealed. We need mystery people in our world who do good without asking for praise or notoriety. Some do good and just because they are who they are, it is written and reported (I am thinking the like of Bill Gates). But to have people who do awesome wonderful things be a mystery gives us a feeling of, perhaps, the possibility we too could be doing something wonderful yet unnoticed.

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  7. Reblogged this on Francesca Romana Correale and commented:
    Enjoyed reading. Yet I am not that sure that Banksy is a one man action anymore…. Even if maybe it’s not really relevant. I didn’t believe in it for a second. They did get me with ten Vatican donating their gold to the poor. That was even more “fantastic” to believe in. But Banksy has gone now for a while with news tha t then are said as non true or changed at last minute. So I didn’t even believe it for one single second.


  8. Now I need to go google this Banksy and find out what he or she does! I know you said graffiti art, so maybe there are pictures of the work. I’m going to be really disappointed if it just looks like gang member creations….Thanks for sharing, for those of us completely out of the loop…


  9. I’d never heard of Banksy until a few years ago, when I read the children’s book The Calder Game, by Blue Balliett. (It’s the third in a series, but it might stand alone?) I’m glad he wasn’t caught–there are too few stones left uncovered these days.


      1. The first book in the series is Chasing Vermeer, which is set in Chicago. Next comes The Wright Three (also set in Chicago, if I’m remembering correctly). The Calder Game involves a trip to England. Talking about the series makes me want to re-read them.


  10. I hadn’t heard about this, and I’m a Banksy follower on Twitter. I like that he points a critical “lens” at culture through his art.


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