Burden of Crystals

I have NO IDEA how to really write this sort of stuff, still want to possess an amusing narrative voice but don’t want it to appear odd/off-putting. This piece is basically the back-story of the world which my central character will find himself in once he crosses over…essentially a long time ago in a galaxyContinue reading “Burden of Crystals”

Simple Tips for Novel Planning (Video Request)

I’m currently working on a new novel…rather excited about it actually – I promise I’m going to come through with this one (motivation through “wooooo, you can do it!” calls would be greatly appreciated!) so it is rather bizarre that I got a wee video request asking for tips on planning out novels… If you have any adviceContinue reading “Simple Tips for Novel Planning (Video Request)”

“Delusions of Grandeur” *(Excerpt I)*

GUYS! I AM OFFICIALLY TOO STUPID TO WRITE A 50,000 WORD NOVEL. You’re all lovely people, so I am sure you will be full of words of encouragement, and whatnot – which is nice, but I can’t see how I am going to fit all of these pieces together…I am at 12,000 words now…not bad,Continue reading ““Delusions of Grandeur” *(Excerpt I)*”