Pros and Cons of…me.


The two middle school girls I teach this afternoon were almost falling asleep in my lesson on persuasive writing…that was until they thought up this masterpiece – I guess all they needed was a lively debate on something they are enthused about – at my expense of course, as per usual! 

think they’re joking…yeah, they’re joking…


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38 Replies to “Pros and Cons of…me.”

      1. haha! Thick skin comes with the age of the student. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been called, and it’s hard not to take it personally but it’s the only way they know how to lash out. That’s why I’d do it with a concept – how mad can you be at a graph really? 😉


  1. This comment is going to prove me guilty for stalking your blog…(sorry, but I’m actually not!)
    I actually laughed out loud at “He makes people’s eyes blind!”
    This girl is going places….
    Also, “He makes funny faces” I’m glad there’s someone else out there who makes ridiculous faces too, I am a firm believer in making funny faces.
    I’m going back to hide in my stalker hole now….


    1. hahaha, I wish I was important enough to warrant a stalker, but alas it’s not to be!

      She actually has great English, that’s why these lessons are so fun (this is Ann the Famous, not sure if you recall her?) I try not to take it to heart…I mean pulling strange faces is something I can’t help, it’s not for everyone…

      I’m going to try and work on the whole making people go blind thing though, that’s not cool of me.


      1. Oh no!! I re-read my comment and realized one of my sentences was worded weird!
        What I should have typed was “sorry, not sorry” because I do stalk your blog like a criminal! You are important enough to warrant a stalker, because you’re awesome. (Am I being weird for apologizing over a comment? I felt so bad that I had to apologize!)
        Anyway, I did read one of the Ann The Famous stories and it was delightful, I’m sure teaching her is fun.
        And take it from someone who gets teased relentlessly, the more people tease you, the more they like you! Try not to take it too seriously. (which is harder than it sounds!) 🙂

        p.s. You don’t really make people go blind, so it’s cool!


  2. This is the cutest, funniest thing I’ve read in a while! “John makes people’s eyes blind.” HAHAHAHA!! This is brilliant.


    1. haha, yes ~ that one stood out for me as well…then she asked what the word for “very sad, give up on life” was…and that’s where she got depressed from. Sigh. They took absolute delight in me reading the against section aloud!


  3. This is adorable, although the syntax and penmanship are more fitting for 2nd-graders 🙂 I am now curious about “the voices”…


  4. “He makes people’s eyes blind”? Hahaha what does this even mean?
    I would be awarding points for originality, but deducting points for writing mean things about people 🙂


      1. What I always wonder when kids say things that are hurtful if you take them to heart is where they learn them? Where have they heard that in order to know it is a negative thing to say to people?
        Hmm tantrum… will it make you feel better if we talk about poo? (Please see my reply to “NEVER try to reason with kids”) 🙂


  5. This just had me smiling from ear to ear! It must be both endearing and entertaining to be their teacher. Have fun and take care 🙂


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