The Greatest Love Story…

I remember the first time our eyes met…it was a cold day in an unfamiliar land, I needed help – I needed support…I needed someone to be there for me…

…that’s when I first experienced the love of the beautiful Bell. She didn’t judge me, she took me for who I was – a penniless rogue filled with a passionate lust, but empty of the money to fuel such an obsession, she didn’t care – she offered all her warmth to me, sharing her fiery temperament – filling me with such glorious sensations that my eyes flickered, and my lips hummed…people warned me against her...they told me I wouldn’t be able to stomach all that she has to offer…some called her trash, garbage…one person even called her a donkey…but to me she was everything, to me she was my one true love.

But all things come to an end – and just as abruptly as it had started, our relationship ended. There was to be no goodbye kiss.

Taco Bell Love

But if you truly love something…then you must let it go…and if it is meant to be, it will be. Today I reunited with Bell. We first met in USA, and now found ourselves back to our old habits in South Korea…as if no time had passed at all…after our meeting I still have those gurgling butterflies in my stomach, that slight nausea…

This time I mustn’t let her get away so easily…

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41 Replies to “The Greatest Love Story…”

  1. I met Bell on more than one occasion and I must say, she has treated me pretty badly. I have taken her back more than once, giving her the benefit of the doubt and each time I found myself in fetal position after an encounter. Eyes welled up, fists clinched so tight my knuckles turn white, tummy rumbling and thundering with such anger and force, then BAM, Bloop, Plop, I had no choice but to release her. I couldn’t watch her as she swirled away, oh the heartburn of knowing we can never be again. 😣

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  2. Nice play on words. I was like wait a minute… lol I can’t to the Bell, just works against my body, it’s bad, bad, real bad for life as we know it. 🙂


  3. There was a plague in London of these.

    First time round they tried with a megaTaco in Leicester Square 90/91 – then closed it down. Later we had a Mex craze a couple of years ago and dozens of independents sprouted all round Westminster.

    I too became infatuated after a US trip, cept bean burritos cost 50p over there not, not £4.50 a bean.

    Bout time you wrote a decent, patriotic fish and chip article, or kebabs.

    Stay safe, enjoyed as ever.


  4. I knew it lol. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a relationship with food. Maybe I should change my fb status to in a relationship with coffee. XD


  5. Oh my – I have my own love story about Bell (did you know she is polyamorous? I hope that’s not a problem and that we can still be friends).

    I was seven months pregnant and hungry, but I didn’t realize HOW hungry I was until suddenly, my vision started getting blotchy and I started getting dizzy. What am I going to do? How can I find food if I can’t see? Then, miraculously, my vision cleared just enough to see the glorious Bell before me – she would be my salvation! An oasis in the desert! A light in the darkness!

    As I sank into my chair and swallowed the first few bites of food, I felt a warm relief wash over me. I felt my body gratefully absorb the calories, as my vision returned to normal and my strength came back. After I finished, I sat in the afterglow for a few minutes, just enjoying my bubble of blissful serenity in the middle of the crowd.

    Ever since that day I smile when I think of Bell and how she made me feel.


  6. There are lots of Bells around here, but I prefer a chick named Fil-a. Ever meet her? Oh, and do you have any stories from your trip to the states? I’d be very interested in reading those.


  7. There is nothing more reassuring when you don’t know where the hell you are or even how to get back to your hotel than the blinking neon welcome of home. When you don’t speak the language or understand the transit system, McDonald’s looks like family. Or, in your case, Taco Bell 🙂


  8. For me it Del . . . we met up now and then after late bar hopping. But since I started a major remodel last spring it’s been a pretty regular thing . . . remodel over in a month . . . not sure I’ll see much of Del once my remodel is complete . . . I may have been using him .. ..


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