My Facebook Space.

We used to be satisfied with our own personal space, that was enough for us – we would just bask in the warmth of our life, and our memories…our hopes, our dreams. MySpace, was a comfortable place…a musical land, with you, and your closest companions…your, top friends…I suppose you could call them. 

But with time we began to desire more – we wanted to see what life was like outside of this space…I admit MySpace became something of a bore…so without much warning, we escaped. Not literally of course. (We remained within the Internet compound.)

But instead we ran to elaborate works of literature…volumes with more than Myspace…suddenly I was flicking through the pages of Facebook. Never before had I seen so many faces! They made Myspace look bland in comparison! Reams, and reams of…well, faces! Of all cultures, colours, and creeds!

Reading GIF

So for now I am content, Myspace has became another chapter of the Facebook anthology. I feel part of a community, and I like it. 

But I open another window anyway – even though they say curiosity killed the cat…I want to hear this morning’s birds Twitter, and tweet. What’s the problem with that?

25 Replies to “My Facebook Space.”

  1. There is no problem with that my friend as long as it doesn’t affect our “connection” with the real world! Technology is good but sometimes we need to disconnect for a bit to enjoy life. It’s all about “knowing the limits” for me! And by the way, nice post!


  2. Honestly, I always refused to join any social network. But because of my book I started with WordPress, Facebook and co. I never expected to find so many lovely and open minds on those platform. I don’t want to miss it. Of course I don’t mix those friends up with the friends I meet in person. But the exchange of thoughts and the enrichment that gives is payless!

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  3. I feel blessed by social media, but I try to keep it as a tool that works for me, not a force that overwhelms me! Perspective and taking time to disconnect and be in the “real” world are key for me. Love your posts! ~ Sheila

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  4. oh, my. I can remember when a PC was such a luxury that very few had one. And when it literary took ages for a webpage especially with pictures on it to load. Facebook, blogosphere and many many other things expanded our world and our reach exponentially indeed. It’s now so easy to keep up with so many people, and to ‘meet’ some people you’d never meet otherwise. Not so long ago, if you wanted to look up some information on say Australia you first had to get to some library. And now? one is just a few clicks away from tons of information. Important thing is not to get lost in the internet and sometimes find some time to enjoy real life and live friends

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  5. I am quite melancholic right now. I remembered previous social medias that were infamous and had been shut down. I hope my lost friends are doing good. Yup, your idea is definitely right, the world is smaller now.

    Nice post!

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    1. I wasn’t so into social media in that way until recently, I just wanted to tie it all together like a story 🙂 but these days I love the blogging world, and spend a lot of time on facebook meeting people from all over the world! It’s a great thing!

      I am sure your old friends are well, it’s sweet of you to spare a thought for them! Touching 🙂

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  6. I try my best to keep humanity good by spreading kindness! You seem like a good man yourself. Your comedic posts made me laugh, I feel like a fool ’cause I am still at work. LOL


  7. Heh heh- as a big facebooker I hear that! I’ll tell ya though – especially for writers twitter is– i don’t know, the ADD version of Facebook? I find it a huge challenge to convey my thoughts AND clever hashtags in under what us it 108 characters? I guess that would make a great writing challenge though.


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