How I’ll Die.

Just found this in my pocket…


…I think I get the message…

(In the future I’m a Tellitubbie master-criminal, with a penchant for wearing  Scream masks – and the police are after me…and will no doubt shoot me dead? No? Other thoughts?!)

32 Replies to “How I’ll Die.”

  1. Try looking at it in another way…
    There is this criminal wearing a shirt with your name on it, shouting “hey I’m John and I am going to rob a bank”
    Along came a policeman and shot him!

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  2. So many thoughts. Hmm. Well, at least he wants to be a police officer? This was clearly drawn by a male student. Then there’s also a little bit of scary in there…. God bless, John! Thanks for teaching!


  3. The other day when I was stuck in a particularly nasty supermarket queue and the thought crossed my mind you know how you throw around that question about what you would do if you have 24 hours to live and I thought. Imagine if you had 10 minutes left to live and you squandered it in a queue at the supermarket or something else mundane like a traffic jam. That’s not the way the script was supposed to go.


  4. You have some of the most interesting students. They seem to write or draw the most interesting things. LoL. At least they give you a heads up, when the artwork involves something violent.


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