The Meaning of Life (Poem)

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We walk on that yellow brick road…

Hoping for something greater to show us our soul.

We try, and dig deep – but in thoughts we are lost…

the who, what, when…it’s true; ignorance is our cross.

There is no manual, no how to guide –

Just life’s rich tapestry…the roller-coaster ride. 





“Only I can show you how to live – only I can tell you what you need to give! To possess a life that truly matters, you must be selfish – and help those in tatters! Love those closest, and the strangers too! Always work TOO hard – and find time for play too! Invest, and splurge – be safe, and dangerous! Live every second, and take some days off!”


“Oh, you’re confused – then welcome to life! Don’t try, and understand…just live it, and love it…till the day that you die.” 

Yeah, well that’s all well, and good – but what about global warming, and all of that stuff? The sad polar bears, and my bills…man, it’s tough. What about pensions, and purpose? What about oil, and who is the president?  What about if I’ll have kids, or how I will afford rent? What about keeping in trend, you know – fashion, and stuff – what about following my passion, but helping those sleeping rough…what about expressing my view –

“STOP! I’ve heard enough! FUCK, YOU!

You live life by looking in front,

examining everything…from left to right…

all the while, missing out…on the truly beautiful sight.”

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21 Replies to “The Meaning of Life (Poem)”

  1. Bad day???? 🙂 Actually I felt “Invest, and splurge” as we obviously had to save and invest as you well know, overseas teachers don’t have pensions. But now that we are in Kuwait visiting our son who now teaches overseas, we are definitely splurging! 🙂


  2. And ” Mike”, he is indeed a beautiful sight ! On the other hand…..”An unexamined life is not worth living” is an expression that can be taken to extreme. An “over-examined” life can be a bit dangerous. Wishing you balance.


  3. Funny, I am always saying, “Just ignore the man behind the curtain.” Never works though, my crew always pushes the curtain aside and demands attention.
    I tell my little Wizard (Bichon Frise): “Quit looking behind you, you will never reach the next bush,” and “Ah! Your day is complete, you made someone smile.” These are my tenants I live by, and hopefully the Wizard will embrace these lessons…or maybe he will just pee on the next bush and be good for the day, not thinking too hard about anything.

    Peace Out


  4. So true. life advice can often seem to confuse instead help then they lose site of what is actually happening. At least that’s what I understood. Actually, I can’t really sum up that whole poem with a mere comment. I know I really like it though, you the man John!

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    1. Dommy! I read your comment while I was out, and about – but immediately thought ‘YEAHHHH THIS GUY GETS IT!!!!” Basically I realised I was spending a ridiculous amount of time on 25 things you should…blah blah blah, you know the lists. And it had me confused. Glad you got it! 🙂

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