A 1,000 Words.

A picture is worth a thousand words…or so the old saying goes, right?

Well here is a picture – but what does it say exactly?

Lazy Oaf

That’s right! Top of the class! An automatic A for you!

It says that this fine young gentleman is having a marvelous time on a Wednesday…that he is oddly un-phased by the bout of humpdayitis that seems to be going about. It’s probably due to the “meat buffet” he has just laid waste to – and the fact that the only work he has completed all day, was writing cartoons…unless you class rapping in the shower, or critiquing WWE wrestlers for looking “too fake”, as work…which you probably don’t…which is honestly fair enough.

What you don’t see in the picture is the violent toilet time that followed minutes later…but we don’t need to talk about that. Ooops. We already did…DAMMMIT!


41 Replies to “A 1,000 Words.”

      1. hahahaha whoever I am with, as long as they understand my sense of humour they’re usually down. Or they just look at me like, “why would you do that?” …that’s when I know we’re probably not destined to be best pals.


      2. Hahahah hope you haven’t encountered that awkward situation too frequently! PS: If I was ever with you, I’d take the picture for you with enthusiasm. And would probably make weird faces and do a selfie as well!


  1. Here is my opinion, unadulterated one, what the gentlemen is thinking in the picture:

    “It’s pretty cold; my nether regions are freezing off and this sign has the audacity of accusing me hauling my ass all the way here is becoming of a lazy oaf? Screw you sign and all your corporate obligations of making me feel bad! Look I got a great sweatshirt on in the classic grey to invite the snow but I also got a clean brown part skinny pants on to complement my curves and my abs. Not to mention I added a crocheted scarf to my hoodie take that Yves Saint Laurent I am king when it comes to fashion. But as my expression clearly states I half-think about what you think so no way in hell am I lazy. I am just fashionably late when it comes to analyzing of any sort. But I got a degree on cool facial gymnastics and a symmetry of a male model so if I am an oaf I am adorable as olaf but charming as any Disney guy you can throw. Oh, why was I here again? I think the only thing I like in this rack is the sign itself oh wait that studded jacket is not bad, I can wear that to work…”

    😉 keep those expressions coming 🙂


  2. Looks like that meat buffet was catching up and, you were pondering where the nearest bathroom was. In times like these, all any of us want is an unoccupied bathroom. I hope you found one! Side note: I freaking love that scarf!


  3. Truly happy for you John, but of course I don’t identify because, as we all know…women don’t poop (that’s just science :)).
    Send me an email if you care to share your scarf source. I’d love to see that around my boyfriend’s neck this Christmas.

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  4. Am I the only guys commenting…..this is getting weird.

    Anyways, you should give me some style pointers, when it gets to dressing…..I´m just dull, probably look in the mirror once a weak…..this is even more weird.

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