Waka Flocka Flame (USA)

USA – Atlanta ~2011

Naturally while I was in the USA I wanted to soak up as much….errr…culture, as possible! This is my vague aim everywhere I go I suppose, after all before you know it, the trip, holiday, or stay, is over – and you are back in your “ordinary” setting, almost like it didn’t ever happen at all! You are just left with the memories…so why not make ones that are worth remembering? Ones that are unique to the place you momentarily find yourself?

Wale uh huh GIF

Makes sense, right? 

Well, one thing that is undoubtedly HUGE in the USA, particularly in Atlanta...is rap music. So when a friend of mine told me that one of my favourite artists, Wale, would be performing at an intimate venue within the next week – I didn’t even have to mull over whether or not I would be in attendance, it was a simple:”YES, YES, YUSSS!” Or you know…like, words of that nature.  

After all the way he constructs his songs, the topics he touches on, and his overall lyricism, are something which I had deeply admired for some time! My friend told me that an up-and-coming local act, who is popular in the area (Waka Flocka Flame) would be supporting him. I thought this was fair enough. But…I didn’t have a clue who this young chap was, so I did a little research of my own…

Here’s an example of what my search came up with – this is  taken from his break-through track ‘Hard In Da Paint’;

“what the fuck you thinkin’ n***a, I won’t die for this shit – or what the fuck I say – BRICK SQUAAAAAD! – front yard broad day with da SK – BA BA BA BA BA BA BOW!”

Waka Flocka GIF

Alright Mr, Waka, to each his own! And just for the sake of comparison, here’s an example of Wale’s lyrics, taken from his track ‘Bittersweet’;

“understand every imperfection – I just embrace it, and take it in within my essence, with little effort, soon they will respect it – I am the smelling-salt, to whomsoever narcoleptic!”

The astute among you will probably notice that they are two very different artists. But this didn’t stop me from heading there anyway, why not see what the people loved so much about Flocka?! When we arrived there it was packed out, and we could smell those weeds cigarettes things strongly (what are they called? I wouldn’t know..) Anyway, we pushed, and squirmed ourselves awkwardly to the front, and waited it out. I was squished in, and my arms were locked into a T-Rex position…but at least I had a good view. I wouldn’t get to do much dancing, or bouncing, or anything else of that matter – I could probably do a great mime of a bongo player, but that’s about it.

After a couple of, errr, sub-par warm up acts – it was announced that the home-town hero Waka Flocka would be coming out…the place went fucking bananas! It became apparent that most had came to see him, rather than the main act himself, Wale…

Waka Flocka Crazy GIF

Out he popped, bringing ear bleeding bass along with him, it was thumping so loud that I thought my heart was going to burst out of my rib-cage…but with that said it was all a pretty exhilarating display – before long he was diving into the crowd, I didn’t exactly know what was going on but I sure was enjoying it!

There was pushing, and shoving – my arms were free at last! But then some huge sweaty titan had his arm around me all of a sudden…a long slug like trail all across my shoulders, and the back of my neck. It was the man himself! He was shaking his head in a mad frenetic motion, flicking it, and swirling it along to his booming beat. (A bit of one of his deadlock things slapped me in the eye, which kinda hurt, but I didn’t have much time to think about it!) 

Security moved him away, and he pushed on to the other side of the stage – grasping arms outstretched trying to catch a feel. He made it back up to the steps with huge difficulty  – but it’s at that moment that Wale came out. It was kind of weird to have him there all of a sudden, I enjoyed hearing his material, and he is certainly a cool guy in the flesh – but the crowd wasn’t right for it…in fact he kept making apologies, and at one time even said “I know you came here to see Flocka, and don’t know the words to my songs – but just vibe with me anyway”… I wanted to be like “I DO, I DO, MR. WALE – I DOOOOO!” But then I thought I would come off like a goody-two-shoes at school, a teacher’s pet, you know? And anyway, it’s not like he could have heard me amongst all the ensuing crowd madness.

Wale GIF

When the show was over, everyone was grinning from ear to ear – it had been a fantastic night after all. I realised that in the hustle, and bustle I had lost the cap I was wearing..,probably during the whole Waka Flocka man hug dance situation, or whatever you want to call it. I’m not mad or anything, but if he wants to send me a new one, that would be fine with me.


60 Replies to “Waka Flocka Flame (USA)”

      1. I used to when I was decades younger but if I see live performances on TV, I always tune in. I appreciate any artist who performs live. No sound mixers, no voice enhancers, nothing. Just the artist and their voices.

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      2. Yeah exactly, it’s the imperfect raw nature of a live performance that is so appealing to me…they are no longer just on screen stars, or faces in a magazine – but just people, doing what they do. Love it 🙂

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  1. I laughed as I pictured you playing the bongo drums amidst that mad scramble. Great account of an interesting musical experience. I felt that I too, was constrained in a pool of zealous fans. This is the cult following we all secretly want, right?

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    1. Didn’t I follow you before, hmm…anyway, remedied that!

      hahaha, it is of course…I want nothing more than to not be able to walk anywhere without people hanging off me, and shouting into my ear – sounds great 😉

      I don’t even know if I am serious…I have to give it some consideration.

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  2. I don’t know. I would at least like to drive to purchase my groceries without flashbulbs blinding me and people climbing atop the sedan, asking me how I feel about my teen cousin’s new baby. But I’ll digress.

    And thank you!


  3. Bravo! You did great! (seriously, a wonderful post)

    I can’t wait to cross the Pond and go out to eat Beef Wellington…no, wait, go to the changing of the guard, no wait , go to see the Wax Museum, no wait – I’ve got it – go to the Victoria and Albert to see that gigantic dollhouse! Yes, I’ve got to see some Brit…errr, .culture.
    One question: can I get a Big Mac?

    Just being a smart ass Yank (the kind the world wishes would Go Home (-:

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    1. p.s. deleted the previous one – sorry again, I’m often on the move – so reply to shorter ones here, and there – but usually leave the bigger (and often funnier/more thoughtful) comments till I get back home on my laptop!!! I often forget, which is totally my bad!


  4. I think live performances are a great way to gauge the quality of an artist, starting with whether they started on time! Lip syncing is also tomato-worthy. The shows I’ve enjoyed the most are full of amazing music, even if there’s a stuff-up or two, some genuine interaction with the fans and a sense of community – everyone just coming together sharing a love of the same thing.
    I really need to get to more live gigs!!!


  5. Hahaha, kinda funny. I have never been to any such live performance but it seems there is a whole lot that goes on. Your article made me want to attend one such event just for the fun of it and feel another part of culture and life that I have not had the pleasure of being part of. Beautifully done.


  6. You were close to my home town, John! It sucks that a more skilled performer didn’t get the respect he deserved, but that’s the music industry I guess. Everything is upside down. At least the crowd had a good time, including you.


      1. Yes thats actually what their called you roll your marijuana in blunt wraps and smoke it. It called also be called a joint. Also great culture story it was very entertaining. =D


  7. I love your writing and humor.. Wocka, not so much. But I’m sure it would have been great to experience this. You also reminded me to go check out Wale — I keep hearing how great he is, and I still have yet to listen to even one song of his. He once performed at my college circa 2008 and no one knew who we was. Then later we all found out he was pretty big!


    1. Yeah! He blew up like a year after I saw him, and now he is pretty big (mainstream-ish I think) It’s great you got to see him way before all that though, as a raw artist 🙂 but yeah, agree with you about Flocka haha!


  8. You have so accurately described what it is like to see Waka Flocka Flame in Atlanta- I happened to be at a music festival there late this summer, and was dead set on seeing the act before his set, and was “fortunate” enough to have to fight through the crowd that showed up for Flocka to try to escape to another stage. Intense. Wow. But I have to say I left laughing, too.


  9. Sounds like you certainly had a memorable night here in my city. Lol!! I live in the ATL. You’re right…rap music is thee music here. Although honestly, I don’t listen to much rap myself.

    You also liked my recent blog post. Thanks for the support. I’m liking your site too.


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