Korean Kung-Fu Fighting

Oh my goodness! Look what I just found! I’d forgotten there was video!

p.s. just a little side note – the reason I am moving so robotically, is that my boob piece thing was about to pop out, and my various weaponry was also threatening to fall out of my belt – so it was my little way of trying to minimize movement…urgh…the struggles of a performer, ey? 

p.p.s. Don’t mess with Korean kids, I think that much is clear! 


36 Replies to “Korean Kung-Fu Fighting”

  1. This is how it starts. Then pretty soon it’s full on musicals, lol. This was adorable. Manly adorable. You had the swords of course. I can see these kids adore you by the way. Clearly you were meant to be a teacher.


  2. Loved it.

    It reminds me of my college days. One of our pastimes was to imitate scenes from Kung-Fu movies. Some of us were expert at belting out lines such as, “Damn you! You killed my master!” while moving our lips out of sync with the words.

    Doesn’t sound all that exciting now that I describe it. But, hey, it was the 60s.


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