This will turn your world upside down, and shatter everything you thought you knew.

59 Replies to “THE SHOCKING TRUTH.”

  1. OMG, how blessed are we that you are working in kindergarten!!! We would have remained in complete mental dullness. What an insight!
    John, you are such an amazing guy!!! I am still laughing while writing the comment. You are so good! I hope any producer sees that video. 😅 😅 😅

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  2. Out of the mouths of babes. Loved the video…nothing like what we hear from children…they are wonderful and you are wonderful with them.


  3. Mind: 💥
    It’s like watching QI. Everything you think you know, you don’t. It’s probably why they took Pluto out of the planetary equation, just so we wouldn’t get suspicious. But Aaron is on it! Cheers, Buddy!

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      1. In about 4 more years, when they get to the letter P, Stephen Fry will sit there and tell the ‘world’ that actually we live on Pluto and we’ll be able to sit there all smug, whilst Alan Davis loses his mind, and go ‘Yeah, thanks to Aaron I already knew that.’


  4. Mate I’m sorry about this but I have to find out. You may be insulted so I make my excuses now. I live down south and your accent threw me (I wont call you a Geordie cos your probably a Mackem or vice versa). My hearing is shot due to too many rock concerts in my youth plus I’m getting on a bit but…..
    Do we really live on Pluto, Cluedo or Playdough? I must know! Brilliant stuff mate.

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