Alien for Supper!

No big deal guys – just the time that an eel was skinned in front of me, and continued to wriggle on my plate. OH THE FLASHBACKS! THE HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE FLASHBACKS!

Still, hope you get a kick out of it! I certainly did making this!

22 Replies to “Alien for Supper!”

  1. I had an eel as a pet because I thought it might raise my cool factor. One drunken night, the boyfriend (at the time) and I got into a heated argument and I reached into the aquarium, grabbed the little feller and chucked it at the boyfriend thinking it would shock the shit out of him or at least render him unconscious. I promise I’m not a mean person. It was in the heat of the moment kind of reaction. I just wanted him to shut up. Anyway, safe to say, it didn’t shock or electrocute him in any way, shape or form. We couldn’t help but laugh because we were both pretty much in shock over the fact that I even did that. The little feller was alright though, maybe a little dazed and confused but alright none the less. I couldn’t imagine eating that little feller, let alone see it skinned, chopped and cooked right before my eyes. You are much more brave than I. Props to you for having the guts to still eat it, after all that. 😦

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  2. That’s for sure. So, I guess in a way, the little feller took one for the team. Haha. And, no, they are not all electric. They don’t even sell the electric ones in pet stores. Good thing for the boyfriend at the time. πŸ˜‰


  3. Chickens can get alien-like actually!. My aunt raises and slaughters her own chickens and they will continue to run around after their heads are chopped off!! Like what? I’ve never witnessed it personally but I’ve heard it happens. So gross!

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