The Awkward Oyster

Hi friends, honest opinion please on this potential cover…I really like it – but want to get other people’s eyes on it…

Awkward Oyster

Little background on this ~ my Grandma used to always say “the world’s your oyster!”, and would perpetuallyΒ be so enthusiastic about my trips, and well…just about everything I ever did. So this is a little homage in a way. Sadly she lost her fight with cancer – but the Macmillan nurses (to which the proceeds of the book will go to) were always an amazing help.

I’m still trying to format the thing! It’s coming soon…


45 Replies to “The Awkward Oyster”

  1. What a great title and cover! I agree with what First Night Design said about the font. If I came across this book online or at a book store I would definitely pick it up for further inspection.

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    1. Thank you! Well, angry oyster has a ring to it! And always at the time, I think the situations are hostile, crazy, or anything else…but it is often when I look back that I can see the positives, and the humour. I didn’t think of it too much to be honest, but that’s probably the reason haha…do you think it works, or no?

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      1. Here’s the thing. It makes a lot of sense when you explain it, but unfortunately, not everyone is going to wait to hear the explanation. I wonder if a different adjective (irate or irritated) or a way to break up the stark emotion of this one would help.
        Then again, I look into things too much. I was going off my first reaction, but mine is probably unique. It;s a good title. I may just stick to it.


  2. Hi John. What concerns me about the drawing is the coloring. It’s a little dark and hard to see? In my opinion, it would probably be better to have the picture lighter/more colorful so people can more easily see what’s going on. Also is the whole book going to have illustrations? If I didn’t know anything about it, my first impression would probably be that it’s a children’s book from the title and cover. Sounds like you are some kind of heroine going to vanquish an evil oyster. Just my two cents. Also, if your book is going to be available in the US I’d love to buy it πŸ™‚


    1. You’re right it is pretty dark now that I look at it! I wanted to have illustrations throughout, but then I was advised that it would just make it more expensive for the buyer in the long run – which would then mean the final cost would be high. A shame really.

      It does look quite childish I think, but I don’t like my face much so I preferred this to like a huge picture of myself on the cover. I don’t know, haha 😦


      1. ah! and I originally meant to reply to this: “but I don’t like my face much so I preferred this to like a huge picture of myself on the cover”…. I like your face!
        and you’ll have to have a small thumbnail on the back at least, so there’s that πŸ˜›


      2. Awwww that’s too bad.

        And as long as you’re happy with it, it’s fine. I wouldn’t advise putting a large picture of yourself on the cover either haha. (Not that I don’t like your face, just seems kinda pompous to have the writer’s face all over the cover). Just wanted to give my honest first impression of the cover, and you can do what you want with it! So far, it seems like a lot of people really like it, but I figured it was better to give my honest opinion than not say anything.


    2. I think the darkness works. It will be lighter in the actual publication. Also, I’d say it looks more cartoon-y than childish, plus the subtitle gives the reader a good enough idea that this is not about a crime-fighting, oyster buster.(though, grammar note: no comma after “capers.”
      The drawing takes the edge off the word “angry: too, so I think that works out.


  3. We have a local restaurant called the Ugly Oyster. I like “Angry” better. But, seriously, what does it really mean to say the world is “your oyster” ?…personally, I never wanted one. Except maybe grilled, and in garlic butter.


  4. Very sorry about your grandmother John. I think the poster is wonderful, but couldn’t you have come up with a more original name other than John Lee Taggart. :o)

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  5. Is that a caricature of you? Is that supposed to be an oyster? (It looks more like a fish.) As regards the cover, unlike my sister, I’m lousy when it comes to interpreting art and poetry. But the cover has wide appeal, and is thankfully G+. πŸ™‚

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