The Odd Shoes…

You can probably guess this already, but I am a big fan of unusual people. You know? The ones who set themselves apart, not intentionally, but simply by being themselves. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the maniac flasher, or the guy who stares without blinking…that’s a whole different post.

The reason why I like the unusual, or ‘eccentric’ element – is that it invites questions; who, what, where? How, and why? And with these questions comes conversation, and from that comes a different perspective…

So with that in mind, it’s a shame that I couldn’t ask a young lady I spotted today all of those things; I mean she was a stranger for one, and then you have the language barrier to consider too…but anyway, here’s what happened:

I was on the subway, squashed in as usual as it gets so busy on the weekends. I had to stand in front of the people who were sat down, trying to tame my blushes as my mind went into a crazy fit shouting “YOUR GROIN IS AT THEIR EYE LEVEL! YOUR GROIN IS AT THEIR EYE LEVEL!”  I flicked through my phone…no WIFI…so I was just randomly looking at old pictures, or at least pretending to. I thought about turning around, so my butt would be in the seated grandma’s faces…perhaps that is better? But then I recognised I’d be face to face, groin to groin, with the grunting sweaty man behind me. So I stayed put. 

Awkward Look GIF

Someone did catch my eye though. She had a rather unassuming look, with typical Korean style clothing – that is to say colorful, and well put together. She was playing a phone game, like 99% of the other people on the carriage. But one thing stood out…you see…she had, well…odd shoes on…

…like…different shoes, not just an alternating colour. Completely different. I’m talking one New Balance, and the other Adidas. I looked away after I realised I had been staring for a while, and felt my face scrunch up involuntarily as I tried to make sense of what I had just witnessed. I had so many questions!? What’s the story there…?

Perhaps she couldn’t make up her mind? She wanted to wear both…so then she thought – well why don’t I?! Or perhaps she has a brother with one leg…and she always takes the spare? Well no, because then she would have two ‘right foots’ or two ‘left foots’ – that wouldn’t work. Erm…maybe she…I don’t know – I JUST DON’T KNOW!?

Make it Stop GIF

And the sad thing is, I’ll never know…her odd shoe story will go forever untold. UNLESS I SEE HER, AND THEN I AM TOTALLY ASKING – I’LL JUST USE BASIC SIGN LANGUAGE! (Point, point – shrug, shrug – point, point – shrug!)


23 Replies to “The Odd Shoes…”

  1. No Korean language app? IF so you can preprogram the question, then use the app to understand the answer, if you have lots of time on the train, she doesn’t freak out, and Grandma doesn’t wack you with her hand bag. You know, the one with the brick in it! By the way, I decided to post a chapter or two, depending on length, of my sic-fi novel instead of short stories, you might want to check it out. First chapters posted yesterday.

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    1. haha! I’ll give it a whirl! Sorry I’m just getting back to you mate, it’s been a bit mental recently! Would love to check out your stories – actually I’m going to bookmark you or I will inevitably forget! Speak soon!


  2. I wish there was an app that could open conversations just by pointing your camera at someone elses phone. It would be awesome to get those wonderful moments of reaching out in a more passive way. That way people don’t have to stop everything their doing, they can just look at the random questions they’ve been asked by different people throughout the day.


  3. Obviously a leader not a follower. How new trends are discovered. She was probably thinking — “Made you look!” Who knows John, you may have been witness to a new fashion craze.


  4. You do realize that all the people reading this site are a bit unusual or they wouldn’t be attracted to your playful manner. Who wants to be normal? What is normal anyway? It keeps people on their toes when you are a bit weird.

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