I’m 24.

It’s my birthday, and I am 24 years old. Why does that sound like an AA meeting, or something? Like  a confessional? Because I’m not bummed about it by any means – in fact I think I like the sound of it a lot better! It’s a kind of in between age like 23 is, still on that cusp…still uncertain, but certainly nearing the rank of legitimate adult. Rather than you know, man-child status, which is what I feel like I have at the moment!

Laughs COnan GIF

So what does 24 even look like? What should I expect? In all honesty I think I just want things to continue on the path they seem to be going…because I have faith that there is a lot of positive stuff in store. And I’ll be honored to have you all along with me for the ride! For all the thrills, and spills, for all the bumps, and…lumps? Urgh, errrr…well maybe we’ll ask the doctor about that one –

But anyway! If you are looking to get me anything for my birthday – then a homemade savoury pie of some description would be great! Or you know, share  one of my stories you enjoy with the world…either, or! Pie is naturally preferable though! Here’s to another year, much love to you all – cheers! 



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64 Replies to “I’m 24.”

  1. Happy Birthday, may you find continued health, happiness, and adventure into your newest year! Ages are interesting, aging is a strange process, I feel it’s mostly in the body with wisdom to add by experiences, but essentially “growing up” means many different things. There are certain ways I hope to never grow up. 🙂 As far as the physical, think young and be positive and stay active (and good diet including green tea daily) and the body ages ever much more slowly. I’ll be 40 this year, my husband will be 27. We’ve been together 6 years and counting, and the ages are even less meaningful over time, we sometimes forget who’s the older and the younger, it makes such little difference. Good to see you’re doing so much so early in life though, you’ve got many years to lead such a rich adventure of living, so enjoy and keep up with the storytelling! ☮


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