Breaking Bad: Kindergarten

You could say we had a little…erm…”science experiment” today…

Breaking Bad (1)

Because, errr…we did! And it all exploded in my face, and now I smell horrendously bad. You see we had to mix sodium hydroxide with vinegar – and then the subsequent reaction would blow up a balloon…amazing I know! What I wasn’t warned about was that if the kid hadn’t attached it all together properly this would launch madly into the air, and slather me in wretched liquid!

Now I have a meeting, and no time to shower…excuses people – quick, quick, quick!!


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14 Replies to “Breaking Bad: Kindergarten”

      1. WEll….I didn’t really knock it, so much as fail to wash some jar or other correctly, which had had chlorine in it. And when he connected it up and set the bunsen burner going the whole thing exploded and he emerged from the smoke rather smudged, with his trousers in tatters, because of the acid that the reaction had made. I’m afraid we all laughed, heartless teenagers that we were.


  1. I had a class of first graders do a paper mache’ project. I didn’t know that when one girl bent over the bucket of wet paste that another girl would choose that moment to slick off extra paste from a piece of newspaper on top of the first girl’s hair. Should have thought that project through a lot more thoroughly. Also ended up chipping dried paste off the tables, floors and chairs for an hour at the end of that day…Really enjoy your teaching posts.


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