Kiss Me, I’m not Irish.

So it is upon us again…St. Patrick’s Day! Or as I like to call it “the day Americans tell you they are Irish because their Grandmother’s half-cousin once dated a guy who once had a teacher who was Irish.” yeah, with that in mind it should come as no surprise that the global Irish population expands temporarily by about 10,000% (just for the festive weekend, of course!)

Go on GIF

But what’s the harm? None really. So you pull on something green, sip something strong, and head on out to celebrate life – and just have a fucking good time! Perhaps the true meaning has been lost, but it brings people together in a joyous (although slightly blurred)  beautiful moment – so I’m all for it!

I was wearing these green jeans I have for some reason, which I thought looked cool…but which actually make me look like a demented pixie. But it was too late, I was on the subway – and people are usually against strangers stripping off in public. Especially in tight spaces. But I eventually got into Seoul at 12, and we immediately went hammer, and tongs with the soju, and beer. And lunch…but honestly that was an after thought. After which we headed over to a big event that was happening – probably guffawing as I laughed manically at my friend’s moderately funny jokes. I read a quote someplace that said something along the lines of, “when you laugh, laugh like hell” – which I guess is saying, make the most out of happy moments…

Crazy Laugh GIF

Well I imagine I looked worse than this…how much worse though? I picture myself as a pterodactyl who just learned to fly…shaking my massive head around in celebration – and making bizarre squawks at irregular intervals. That much worse.

Mind, I loved the performances that were going on…so many talented people – dancing, singing, playing musical instruments – the lot. My favourite were these guys who played hip hop songs with violins…each time it took me a minute or two to realise! Fantastic stuff! It was also wonderful to see so many old friends, acquaintances, and naturally new people – I love things that bring people together, and this was one of those events ~


 Anyway, great times…with some great people…what more can a person want, ey? If you are celebrating, enjoy yourself – if not, kick back, and eat some bacon or something. Toodles!

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20 Replies to “Kiss Me, I’m not Irish.”

  1. I always thought this very funny about living in the US, everyone and their pets are Irish. When I worked in an Irish pub it was hilarious to watch. I love all the fun though

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  2. I love to flaunt the “I’m Irish. No, really. I have a passport.” I feel like it gives me some street cred on the 17th.


  3. Umm…yeah…my Birthday is on the 18th (the day after St. Patrick’s Day). It’s the equivalent of being born on Jan 1st. All of the “Irish for a day” are too hungover to celebrate a second day in a row.


  4. I will never claim I am Irish because I’m not – at all. However, if anyone is from Ireland I will grab them and chat their ears off about it because I am fairly addicted to the Emerald Isle.

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      1. I was really lucky to lane a job there for a year just south of Dublin at a contemporary dance studio. I think that was one of the best years of my life.


      2. Yeah and possibly thinking of going back – eventually- I still have all of Asia to explore. Making sure to celebrate St Paddy’s Day no matter where I am 😉


  5. All Americans are at least part Irish, John. Even the ones who aren’t. I played the leprechaun Og in the musical Finian’s Rainbow when I was in high school, and claimed to be “mostly Irish” for years after, even though I’m only about 1/6 Irish. It’s me best 6th, ya know.


  6. Love Father Ted and love the demented pixie reference. Am having flashbacks to my high school days and my own green jeans……. WHYYYYYYY, was such a slave to fashion back then! Thanks for checking out my sight and the encouraging like. Looking forward to exploring your blog more.


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