Playful Heart

I forgot to tell you all something funny that happened a couple of weeks ago…I guess I’ve been pretty caught up and busy with everything as of late! But better late, than never! Right? 

Right GIF

You see the new boss called me in – and I don’t know about you…but in those kind of circumstances I go into a strange child-like freak out, where I rack through my brains wondering what crime I have committed, and pre-planning all of the excuses I will use as and when necessary…

“Excuse me…cake…which cake? Oh…that cake, no I don’t…hmmm…no I can’t really remember – but I know it wasn’t me.” 

Problem is I go red, and sweat profusely whether I am guilty or not. Not ideal. I am sure that I would fail a lie detector no matter which ridiculous question was asked…

Cant GIF

“Do you think the illuminati is a real thing?” Well, no I – BRAAAAAP – LIAR!

“Does eating rabbit droppings cure cancer?” No, how could – BRAAAAAAP – LIAR!

“Is Nicolas Cage the best actor ever?” This is getting ridic – BRAAAP – LIAR!

Anyway, that went off on a weird tangent for a bit…sorry! So yeah, I was called in to a one-on-one meeting with my boss…who told me I had received a complaint, sort of. You see one of the mothers had called up and reported that her child is having too much fun, and that has now became somewhat of a concern.

She has been saying something about her heart beating so fast, and being so excited it often feels like it is going to fall out! “Oh…so too much fun?” I queried, to which she nodded in reply. “So…we should…erm…have less fun?”

Panic GIF

I was confused, and so was she…“ermmmm – no, no…but, errrmmm…yeah I just wanted to pass that on…just carry on, but…be careful?”

Fun kills guys. You should probably take care too! Everything in moderation – you don’t want to OD on it after all! Although if you’re going to go…that has to be up there with the best of em!

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24 Replies to “Playful Heart”

  1. Amazing! A complaint because you are making people happy. Whatever next?

    By the way, if you get flustered etc before meetings or interviews then you would easily pass a lie detector test. It measures sweat and heartbeat and as you are already in panic-mode, it wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    Thought you should know, just in case you cause too much fun and have to try to deny it.


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  2. Ha! I do the same thing, I could probably fail a lie detector outright when they first asked me my name. As to having too much fun, sheesh! I used to work in a restaurant and we once got a complaint that the servers were too attractive and the burgers were too juicy. Our boss posted that one on the wall for us 😉

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    1. It was regarding the “playroom” class, which is like soft play/slide kind of thing ~ perhaps it was her first time so it was an excitement overload…who knows? I met the mother last week in passing and she was lovely and didn’t mention it once. I assume it was just a knee jerk reaction calling up about it!

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  3. Funny how stuff gets linked up in our heads, my stroke was an amazing education in how my brain did and did not work, but you do a great job of weaving your way to where you want to be. Me it is a strange puzzle to sort through the randomness and remember what I was doing! Loved this!


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