Nature Man

I thought about my future recently and it upset me a little. Well no, that’s an understatement – the actual fact is it depressed me so much it actually gave me energy. You see, before I had bothered to ponder the next few steps I was seriously conked out…and despite it being only 7:30pm I was considering calling it a night. 

Sleepy GIF

But then…the thoughts came along like a gang of high-school bullies – kicking over inanimate structures in my head as they laughed, jeered, and sneered – effectively taking it in turns to shove my head down the toilet. The toilet being the peripheral glimpse into my future by way of uninspiring internet job searches…

Trawling the internet for something, anything. But nothing.

Lost GIF

I want to run away. Check out of this society we live in. Actually I would love to just live in a small wooden hut in the middle of a wood somewhere…France, Hungary, Fiji…it doesn’t really matter. I would live off the land, and people could visit me when they were stressed out from their high-powered and over-worked jobs. I’d brew my own beer, and be friends with the woodland critters. I wouldn’t have any need for modern appliances, or modern functions. I’d become a skilled craftsman, and if you were in the area you may hear me strumming away on a lute and singing a folk tune of my own making. It would be splendid, at one with nature – not at odds with it.

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I’d also have really fast Wi-Fi.

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32 Replies to “Nature Man”

  1. Two Thumbs Up! I too wish I could runaway, as a lifestyle. It would be grand to travel the world, make money from a laptop, and indulge in the different cultures that I encounter. Obligated only to living a life of freedom of doing what the heck you want, when you want 🙂 Now, isn’t that lovely? I tiptoe through the maze of depression when the present environment doesn’t quite satisfy…

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  2. Awww. I’m actually just taking a break from job searching and came upon this post. I hope something genuine and great comes your way!

    I always feel so overwhelmed and then depressed after job searching online. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!

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  3. Haha, I love your opposing thoughts… which actually not really are. I totally understand your yearning for breaking out. I guess we all have them. And of course I have them. I would love to spend half a year in California in a small apartment with ocean view… writing, gazing at the ocean, getting inspired, writing, gazing at the ocean, getting inspired,… only I with myself…or I would love to spend some months in a buddhist monastary… no outside world…. To be honest, even the thought of it makes me feel wonderful!

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  4. Don’t you EVER go anywhere with no wifi – it’d take you forever to write to us all individually. But as long as that’s fulfilled follow your dreams! We’d be signing up in our droves. Your campfire stories would be the best!

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  5. As always… Great post! I like your thinking… I often consider the option of moving to the middle of nowhere and living a simple life with a handful of neighbours…. But it’s the wifi that keeps me living in the fast lane. It’s not all about the bass… It’s all about the wifi.

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  6. Most of us have these feelings at some time or another it seems. But unfortunately that simple life we dream of living is a romanticized version of the hardships humanity used to face. Oh well.


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