Cockroach Crisis

How are you supposed to deal with an incoming attack?! Probably not kicking and screaming? Well…yeah sure…that actually makes sense.

Listen…I know I am technically a grown man and all that kind of jazz (I’m not but the government forms tell me I am)…but cockroaches freak me out. Am I the only one? I mean we don’t have them in England to my knowledge…so perhaps that’s it.

But anyway, listen to this story, and let me know what I should have done…did I react in the right kind of way? Did I make the next Dexter? You decide…

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14 Replies to “Cockroach Crisis”

  1. I was so hoping I would not have to see one on this blog! Alas…they seem to be around forever, as they have morphed to withstand poisons, etc. I’d say kill it, but would not want to do it myself. I don’t like spiders and snakes…and bugs!

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  2. John, I will have to stand (well I am not actually going to stand up, silly man!) and state, ‘I am a serial killer…of roaches, spiders (the small kind that secretly bite the shit out of you), and weird-ass creepy bugs.’ Although, in my defense, when I am walking the dog, I will walk around ants which are doing their whole Macarena dance, and I will also leave insects alone outside…except roaches, they die by way of Reebok, Nike, or even sandal. I think the kids, and you, would have been psychologically okay had you just killed, squashed, the stupid roach. But, I am sure your kids at least had a story to tell their parents when they got home.

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  3. Roaches are my absolute, biggest fear! I know that sounds crazy but I can’t help it. I work part-time at a cafe connected to a science museum and the kids get a toy with their meals. The toys are always science related: cute butterflies, colorful dinosaurs and amphibians. To my horror, my GM ordered very life-like cockroach toys. I realize that they are made of plastic but I still get mini-panic attacks each time I have to open the “cockroach drawer”. I have gone to great lengths to separate the nasty critters from the cute toys (so I don’t have to touch them). Now the whole staff knows my fear and pranks me with the fake roaches, almost every shift. It’s not cool, John. It’s just not cool!


  4. I live in Dubai, and my apt. is by the door. I literally see big, fat ones walking in the front door. I’ve never seen one in my apt., but in the hallway- I’m on high alert. They are so big- I run. I cannot even kill them. They’re usually dead in the hallway by morning, on their back, legs in the air. UGH. They are the worst!


  5. I think I would tell the children not to kill it, and overcome any squeemishness, and try and pick it up with hands or something else, and put out the window, and encourage any of the children who are willing to, to beat me to it, for the offer of a sweet.


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