I hope this doesn’t offend too many huge Star Wars fans out there; you know the die-hard types that actually put “Jedi” down as their religion on important forms, and hope to one day actually construct a real light saber in their garage workshop. I mean no harm, but please hear me out as I have a confession to make…



…phew. I feel so much better. Sorry about that…

You see, I was like you – I couldn’t stand him. I quite enjoyed the newer movies on the whole (it was my childhood after all), but where Liam Neeson and the huge array of new bad guys succeeded, the presence of Jar Jar Binks always threatened to give me high blood pressure. Yes, even at that young age. There was just something about being forced to watch an absolute moron stumble through scene after scene, which made me want to throw my milkshake and/or Lego blocks at the television. Every time I watched that part with the big fish on Episode I, I hoped…no, I prayed, that somehow the outcome would be different – that this time he would be ripped apart, while Qui Gon and Obi Won swam away holding up their middle fingers…unfortunately that’s not how video tapes work, and consequently didn’t ever  happen.

But…I’m very happy to say I had a change of heart recently.

Force Pizza GIF

You see, there’s a child in my kindergarten class who really struggles, and I mean struggles. I actually think he has some kind of learning difficulty which has been either missed or totally ignored (I suspect the latter sadly), this of course is no laughing matter, so I try to give him extra help wherever and whenever I can. I even suggested that he stays behind a couple of days so I can give extra (unpaid) lessons in my spare break time. Long story short, I love this kid, because he’s an all-around amazing little dude.

Problem is, he reminds me of someone…everything he says is always “meeesaaa don’t like this”, or “meeesaaa want to come with you”, and “meeesaaa day startin pretty okey day”…okay fine, I made the last one up. But yeah, he speaks in unintentional ebonics – JUST LIKE MY OLD NEMESIS JAR JAR! But what’s more strange is that I don’t mind it so much, I correct his grammar and sentence structure, but it doesn’t annoy me…I certainly have no wish to see a huge alien fish eat him alive.

Maybe I’m more mature than I was? Hmmm…nah, definitely can’t be that.

Stormtroopers GIF

So anyway, a couple of days ago I re-watched Episode I, for the first time in a long, long time (for errr, research), and you know what? I found him utterly charming and thoroughly amusing. There I said it!

I feel a little bad for the hate mail and packages of dog shit I sent George Lucas many moons ago. Oh well, you can’t change the past…right?



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33 Replies to “I LOVE JAR JAR!”

  1. In Episode 1, I thought the kid who played Anakin stumbled around moronically in epic proportions compared to Jar Jar. While I’m still not a fan of Mr Binks, I can understand your new found likatude for the character. And that student does sound like one amazing little guy.

    As for the hate mail and bags of dog excrement. He deserves them for Howard the Duck. And the awful dialogue from Episodes 1 through 3.

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    1. You hit the nail on the head with this, like two minds! That kid was a little cheeky scamp (and not in a loveable way) hard to believe he went on to such heinous things…urgh, the teen wasn’t so much better.

      I wonder what the Disney ones will bring…hmmm…


  2. You know, I can barely recall that movie. But the Jar Jar guy is completely memorable. For all the wrong reasons, of course. But he’s my first thought when that movie is mentioned. What does that tell us?

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  3. Growing up with the newer Star Wars movies I always enjoyed the comedic relief that Jar Jar brought to to table! It was only recently when I overheard some colleagues speaking that I realised there’s a huge amount of hate among hardcore Star Wars fans for Jar Jar. What is there to hate? He’s brilliant!


  4. I couldn’t get behind Jar-Jar when the movie came out, but I have to admit, I’m impressed by how he’s built up an impressive Internet community with his blogging and podcasts and hanging out with Wil Wheaton.


  5. I liked your post, but now I’m afraid. I can’t believe the amount of Jar Jar fans that are out there. I can’t believe that closet Jar Jarians are actually coming out! This is disturbing, I shall run away because I don’t want to be assimilated.


  6. A refreshing point of view! And I love that it was inspired by a kindergartener. I myself have never been able to get on board with the passionate hatred for the poor Gungan. I mean, would he have been missed were he omitted from the films? Absolutely not. Is his presence integral to…well, anything that happens? Nope. Is he ridiculous and unnecessary beyond belief? Sure. But do I love to quote him every time I leave from visiting relatives in another state to return to my house by yelling, “Weesa goin’ home!”? Yes. Yes, I do.

    And I agree with A. M. Freeman. Jar Jar support group! Let’s get tee-shirts!


  7. Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. I can’t say I really understood it at the time, but the costumes were amazing!

    And I never kept up with the other episodes … so I had to look up Jar Jar. My husband knew who Jar Jar was and immediately associated him with annoyance. I had to know and this is one video I came across:


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