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31 Replies to “Lazy Sundays (ARE THE BEST SUNDAYS!)”

  1. Hope you have a fantastic Lazy Sunday! 🙂 You deserve it after all the stress you have had lately.
    btw I love that you iron your ties!! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look at the background to your vlog – Ties hanging on the wall, and iron on the table 😉

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      1. Well, you have to be careful, and rather ‘press’ a tie – ie put a cloth or tea towel over the tie before you iron it, or it will go all shiny. Which I suppose is fine – if you have a shiny tie to start with!
        Hope the beer and X Files are going well 🙂 And I loved that you are still ‘gurning’ in the vlog – that and your accent are bonuses to your normal storytime – which I still like to read 🙂


  2. Gotta love Serendipity, I was in the same kind of mood for rewatching one of my fav TV shows…just sitting here viewing blogs and thinking about what I was going to watch when I was done “X-Files!”


  3. If I only could relax… I have a performance anxiety, so I can never really relax. I try, and it’ll pay off… Sometime… Someday…
    Do you have any tips for relaxing?


    1. Hmmm well I eternally have anxiety, thinking through every eventuality of every situation…which isn’t great but I figure that’s just how I am. No point trying to contest that. I find that talking through things with good friends helps, as they know you for you and can probably add some humour to it which will help you see the bright side so you can not dedicate as much time to worry.

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