FASCINATION with Celebrity…

I speak on the crazed love of all things celebrity…and why this may not be the best thing…

What are your views on this blind fascination with celebrity?

If you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can!



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14 Replies to “FASCINATION with Celebrity…”

  1. Love, love, love, the video chat! I think you would make an excellent extra on Saturday Night Live. I have a unique answer to your question. I actually am very close friends with a pretty major celebrity’s aunt. We all try not to discuss this person out of respect for privacy. I happen to love this celebrity’s work, but we are not personally friends. We see each other at weddings, funerals, celebrations. I think it’s a rather fun coincidence, but I never try to hold this person captive lol. It’s more like a hey how are you nice to see you again status. So when you make it big I plan to just smile in your direction, and tell my friends I’ve been following his blog forever. 😉 G-uno


    1. haha! Thank you, what a compliment! I haven’t got anyone like that in my family, no matter how distant – but I can understand at least! Must be a little awkward! When I make it big we can have a better conversation that hey how are you, haha! I should hope! 😀

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  2. It hasn’t been a big deal for all the celebs I have met, especially since I live in Las Vegas. But…having said this, if you were to walk around the corner, OMG!, I would so do the fly away thing! LOL

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    1. The pope is just a bloke, like every other person. If he does good things, which I believe the present guy does, then I am all for it. The adoration seems a bit odd…for a number of reasons, but I best not get into that.


  3. Omitting a lot of detail, I recently had a dream that I was in school, and as the classes were switching, I realized to my amazement that George Harrison came in with the next group. One incredibly excited woman came over to me, announced that she was going to ask him to skip his class and go to lunch, and that I should come along. But I wouldn’t, because I felt that Mr. Harrison should be allowed to take his class like any other student. The woman ignored me. I could see her yammering at Mr. Harrison, and how he very graciously listened. Then he quietly went off to lunch with her as if he had no choice. I was annoyed — that his time was not respected…and that I wasn’t having lunch with George Harrison!

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  4. Trying to think of a good reason for minor celebs. The only thing I can think of is that they make us feel better about ourselves as our lives will never be that much of a car crash. And we have souls, rather than the voids they must have as they exchange tales of their car crash existence in exchange for great wads of cash.
    And then I realise that they have great wads of cash, whereas I pimp my disasters for free in my blog…and I wonder whose the most stupid.

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