Unfair Stereotypes

Just a random thought here…and, well…you may not completely  understand…but…I feel I may as well pose the question anyway ~ do you think perhaps that animals are a little annoyed by all of the stereotypes linked to them? That maybe they too are sick of the boxes they are often pushed into since birth? 

It’s like…they get no choice in the matter – society just straight away dictates what they should like, and not like…

Bugs GIF

We’re brainwashed into thinking from a very early age that rabbits love carrots, and that monkeys love bananas – but what if that reckoning was only brought about by some skewed, and limited market research…the same kind that often crops up with things like: ‘New study suggests men prefer watching movies, as opposed to reading – I know we only asked twenty people, but from this we can make huge quantum leaps, and over-generalise’ – or you know, words to that effect…

Listen what I’m trying to say is that maybe, just maaaaaybe – not all rabbits love carrots as the powers that be want us to believe! That perhaps some like a slice of steak…a bit of black forest gateau, a serving of Nepalese curry…who knows? And in the same way, maybe not all monkeys adore bananas! Maybe they are sick of having them shoved in their hands day after day…just because one time they said they were delicious – and that was only really to be polite to the host! Maybe in actual reality they much prefer a salami sandwich, with barely any salad – but a ridiculous amount of sauce…

Monkey Sandwich GIF

See where I’m coming from? 

Well I hope so, because the world is rife with these generalisations! For example, do all mice really like cheese? Are you telling me there no lactose intolerant mice? Not one? I find that hard to believe…so think of how life must be for those poor lactose intolerant mice…while all the other mice are having photo shoots with blocks of cheese, they are over in a corner feeling worthless because they have to nibble on plain bread instead, and feel like less of a mouse because of it. It’s not fair. 

But you see it’s animal groups like pandas who ruin it for the rest of the world. As those so-and-sos literally only eat one thing! So incredibly picky…and that spoils it for everyone, as now people see that one stereotype kinda fits, and is actually right on the money – and consequently assume that  all of the other ones are true too! AND THEY ARE NOT! I WISH PANDAS WOULD THINK OF OTHERS SOMETIMES! BUT THEY NEVER, REPEAT – NEVER – DO!

Panda GIF

They just keep nibbling on bamboo – whilst others suffer at the hands of broad, and untrue stereotypes.  Case in point, I used to be good friends with a dog who used to stay well away from bones – hated the things…but loved a nice bit of chicken, and mushroom pie…possibly with gravy, and a side of veggies. Should he have been looked down upon for his so called “life-choices”? Well no, of course not.

Perhaps you see how silly this all is now. End animal stereotypes immediately..



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41 Replies to “Unfair Stereotypes”

  1. EVERYTHING YOU DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RABBITS: Rabbits in fact do not ADORE carrots. In nature, they typically don’t eat roots. Actually, they are not good for rabbits as it is like candy…rots their teeth. I care for the pet rabbit in the nursing home I work in and I daily have to pick out bits of carrots that all the well wishers leave him. I keep telling them Pepsi prefers craisins but the message is not getting through…. Well, actually craisins aren’t good for them either…fruit sugar you know. Bad for their waist lines and teeth. But it is his favorite and he is a geriatric bunny. Over 10 years old with a normal life span of 7. When I’m geriatric, feed me ice cream. I wont need my teeth and as long as the machines can still lift me SCREW THE WAIST LINE!

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  2. I think they’re immune to human folly and all the myriad myths we impute to them. They are intelligent, sentient creatures that DO express their annoyances from time to time,

    but the concept of ‘stereotype’ in the worst sense is a human aberration of mind.

    Nevertheless, there are exceptions. Henri Le Chat Noir is acutely insightful of such things. 😀


  3. Isn’t that the truth? I can’t stand stereotypes. oh, I linked your “I’m not Irish” post on my March 17th’s post. Hope it’s ok. Otherwise, let me know& I’ll remove it.

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  4. Our rabbit rebelled against everything and everything, most notably that rabbits are cuddly and cute. But then, if we were force-feeding him carrots when he’d have preferred a nice steak (he certainly seemed to like to take a chunk of flesh) then whose to blame him for being a grumpy bastard.

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  5. All I can think of now is a rabbit at a table with a desert fork eating Black Forest gateau. Making really pretentious noises to indicate it’s the expensive kind. Not the find-it-in-sainsburys kind. I can’t really levy my being a weirdo on you entirely, but I mean, you’re not helping. 😀

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  6. This reminds me of the time in second grade, when our teacher informed us that, generally speaking, mice don’t actually like cheese. They much prefer peanut butter and you’re more likely to catch a mouse baiting a trap with a dollop of PB than with a piece of cheddar. So, really, you’re on to something, here.


  7. Oh, the poor wee critters…and people who have been wronged by stereotypes. A brilliant bit of random thinking. Thanks for the smile, John. Happy weekend 🙂

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  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! it’s your writing and the way you think, but mainly the way you express that thinking, that really has me smiling. Thanks for sharing your unique ideas. This just made my day. 🙂

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