Adult/Child: The Battle

I’ve been getting nostalgic regarding my childhood – like most people I think it would be GREAT to be a kid all over again; just to be so carefree, and wild! In this video I mourn over my loss of childhood, and also take a look at some old photos from when I was a kid.

Fun to watch, but the message runs deep for all of us!


52 thoughts on “Adult/Child: The Battle

  1. LOL. I’m totally laughing at you right now (not in meanness, but because I get where you are coming from).I’ve got 10 years on you and remember having the same thoughts at your age. You are just at the tail end of adolescence (yes, adolescence DOES last until your mid 20s or so), all this is totally normal! Wait til your 30s, which are WAY better than the 20s (I say this sincerely). 😂

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  2. Observations:
    1) You are hilariously entertaining!
    2) Growing up sucks. Sometimes.
    3) Really? 24? You’re still a kid. At least to me, you are. My baby boy is 28.
    4) Those wrinkles on your forehead you’re worrying about? Pfft. Notice how they disappear when you relax your face? You’re a long way from wrinkles.
    5) Video blogging. Produce an awesome blog post with lots less effort than writing. You are a genius!
    6) If I didn’t have so many wrinkles I’d do the same thing. I am so envious.
    7) You have an awesome accent.
    8) And an awesome eyebrow arch.
    9) Keep posting videos.

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    • Whoa! Thank you! 🙂

      1. I appreciate that! Thank you!
      2. Yeah I’m actually pleased with where I am at, but thinking back to childhood is always a mixed bag!
      3. In the scheme of things, yeah – I suppose I am pretty young! 😀
      4. Hmmm, they are there for good unfortunately – not deep yet…but soon…SOON!
      5. Video blogging is great, takes a while to edit, and process, and all the rest of it – but definitely easier (in my opinion)
      6. You should do it anyway!!!!
      7. I’m thankful for my accent, if it makes things a little more interesting for people!
      8. Aww, blushing.
      9. I WILL!

      Think that’s everything 🙂 thanks again!


  3. What a cute child you were!Now don’t you worry that you are getting old, embrace the fact that you are young! Believe me, it won’t be long before you look back at that video and wish that you still looked as young and fresh and yes, wrinkle free!! I’m speaking as one who knows!!!

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  4. Hi!
    I enjoy watching your videos (it’s interesting, see you after reading you for so long!), but you need to do something about the sound. I have my volume all the way up and still have trouble hearing you if I’m not totally right in front of the computer… it’s exhausting, and I want to enjoy your videos, 🙂

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  5. OMG, I am so sorry about your age struggles. My daughter turns 20 this year and struggles too. Talking about my daughter… what shall I say…lol! You know what? I don’t want to be 20 anymore. Honestly, I don’t want to go back one single day. I am too happy about the person I have become during all those years. 😁

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  6. This is a great video. You seem a little down, but here are a few things to that might cheer you up. Just because you are responsible, doesn’t mean you cannot be carefree, and just because your body grows old doesn’t mean your spirit has to. This is your life. It can be as fun and carefree as you want it in spite of what the old meat suit says.
    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
    George Bernard Shaw

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  7. Make up your mind not to grow old. You don’t have to age prematurely, and you don’t have to be sick. Say no. (I know you think I’m silly. I don’t care. I despise getting old. I refuse. I’m a great grandmother but young at heart.) Twenty-four. You are a baby. Just a baby. Plenty of time to stay young. Blessings to you, John…

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  8. You made me laugh on a day when I really needed it. Thank you! I wish I could tell you that you could stop it, the aging I mean, but if you can I haven’t figured it out yet. The weird thing is that even though I’m WAY older than 24, I still don’t feel nearly that old in my head (my body reminds me ALL the time). In fact I sometimes still wonder what it will feel like to be a grown-up! LOL

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  9. Loved the video, cute accent. So question, over a year ago i started paying for my wordpress site and video capabilities, but i can not figure that shit out at all. I think i posted a video of my dog humping my leg or something once. I cant figure it out now tho. I decided to ask you cause i just watched your awesome video. Im weird.

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  10. So fun! And funny, you are funny! Love this! And yes, I’m 54, so only a weeeee bit older. You’re just a babe in the woods yet! But if your careful, you too can be 54 one day! And you’ll probably have a few more wrinkles to show for it, but it’ll be worth it! Hang in there, it’s not all over just yet! ~ Sheila

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  11. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your video and feel your pain! Im 21 and turning 22 soon and feel like even though there’s still a bit of child in me I can’t act like it anymore because I’m and adult with responsibilities!! #growingupissues

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  12. When you are my age, the McDonald arches stay there even when your brows are down in neutral position. Gives the crows feet a place to perch. And we don’t play with children. They are too far down and it hurts our back and knees.


  13. I had a realization yesterday that, at the age of 27, I’m still not an adult. I’ve retained many of the same interests as I had as an adolescent, albeit in a more refined manner. It hit me yesterday, as a third student of mine passed me a sticky note with a band name on it and told me they thought I’d enjoy it. Many adults have given up on music- it’s something in the background, they’ve stopped seeking out new music and listen to their classic favorites. But my students recognize in me a passion for it that other adults don’t have, and I was so grateful in that moment that so many had seen it and want to share their personal favorites with me. Adolescents put so much stock into music- the feelings it elicits and how they identify with it. I’m truly lucky to have them want me to be a part of that for them, but it is definitely not a particularly “adult” trait, I don’t think.

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    • That’s amazing. You must just have a certain energy about you that they have picked up on, and that’s why they are so keen to share with you! Quite the compliment I think! Hopefully we’ll never get to adulthood if it means just calling it quits and never been open to new experiences!


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