DARK CIRCLES! (And How to Get RID!)

All you need to know when it comes to getting rid of those pesky under eye dark circles…well, kinda.Ā 

SIDE NOTE: I have no idea what that voice is supposed to be…like, at all…



20 Replies to “DARK CIRCLES! (And How to Get RID!)”

  1. My family is cursed with the dark circles so I’m just getting mentally prepared for it. I also smile a lot so people can’t usually see them, unless I’m that tired.

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  2. Haha well (I don’t know if you were expecting this), if you cover your eyes with nice slices of cucumber or dip two tea bags in lukewarm water and put them over your eyes. Sorry to sound mum-like, but it would help (I’ve never heard about spoons though).

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  3. Cucumber slices, mon. It’s all about the cucumber slices. You lie down, yeah? And put the slices–round ones–on your eyes–remember to CLOSE the eyes, and I am not responsible. Go to sleep with the slices on your eyes, and when you wake up–voila, no more vampire hottie…

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      1. Yes, I tried the peppers–Thai peppers to be exact–while wearing contact lenses–a lot of swearing, if the truth be told. Worse, my son the chef was chopping Scotch Bonnets or some such.. then he had to go pee-pee…


  4. Hi John. You’re hilarious. Smart too. Pizza DOES help! Make sure you let it cool a bit first. Then slap a piece onto to each eye. Garlic and mushroom work best. And, don’t skimp by using only one slice for both eyes. It helps to have your entire face covered.Something to do with the sinus points and the lymphatic system. Good luck.

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  5. Ok, I’ve been researching for you. According to InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys 2015 winner of the ‘best for dark circles’ category (yep, it’s a category!) is…cold spoons! No! Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector which (and I quote, because, quite frankly, I haven’t the imagination to make this shit up) contains ‘optical brighteners [which] flood the dark under-eye area with light, and the texture’s a winner too.’
    It’s Ā£30 mind, which is probably more fun spent on another night out and just owning your under-eye bags.


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