5 Stages to a Job Search

To those who don’t know I am back in the UK:

Now this is as wonderful as you may expect; I’m seeing family and old friends, walking around familiar streets and experiencing our tropical climate – however it is also becoming increasingly frustrating. This is for one reason and one reason only: I’m on a hunt for a job, and a good one if you please.

So for your entertainment and my own catharsis I thought I would note down some of the stages to this job search so far – perhaps it may curse me forever, or perhaps (hopefully) the universe will decide to cut me break after this divine offering to the Blogosphere Gods.

Well we can always hope…anyway, here we go – in at number one:

1. Looking through the amazing opportunities:


Clicking GIF

This is great at first as you can look through all of the wonderful positions and delight at how many there are! “I thought there were no jobs?” you chuckle with a moronic sneer to yourself, as if everyone was over-reacting and that somehow you are a genius who will slide into one of these roles so easily it’ll be as if you were always there…

Very quickly you begin to picture yourself in these roles – aaah yes there it is…an amazing image of a suited you dancing merrily in your mind’s eye at a workplace where everyone thinks you are hilarious. Unsatisfied you continue to design this world with further complexity…you will no doubt become a high-flyer, there will be lots of managers saying you did a great job, and everyone will just give you constant high fives for no real reason other than they want to be best pals, and…

But you have to stop your daydreaming at some stage or you will never get to the application process (this takes longer than others to get around to…)

2. Writing out the fine tapestry of your life:


Resume Writing GIF

I blasted off 15 applications on my first day back in the UK…how? Well it was easy, I just found the jobs I liked and sent them a resume – case closed, that’s that! I then slapped my hands together and congratulated myself on a job well done with a sugary tea and a few chocolate brownies. Sounds great so far, I know. 

But this isn’t always the case – actually it usually isn’t for any of the jobs you truly want. You see these corporate devils don’t want your CV (they are allergic to the sight of Microsoft Word I suppose), and instead want you to fill in the exact information that is on your existing resume into their own little boxes. Cue typing, and scrolling, typing and scrolling – until you are so bored of your own life story that you begin to wonder if you should bother in the first place. And you probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the whole needing money to feed, clothe and shelter you thing. 

But eventually you get to the next hurdle…albeit with a sore clicking finger.

3. Patiently waiting for your dreams to come true…


Waiting GIF

It is a well known and scientifically proven fact by the University of Job-Seekers Anonymous that time passes by at a tiny fraction of the rate it would ordinarily when you are waiting for a response about the job interview you just went on. Of course while you are waiting for the answer to what could be a huge section of your later best selling autobiography the people at the office will just be milling around…making cups of tea…talking about weekend plans and whatever else. You are not their priority. Hard to get your head around, but a sad reality.

This information doesn’t particularly help. You are still sat there stressing out and unable to focus on little else, thinking over all of the stupid things you said and all the tremendously impressive things you would have said if you were to be given a second chance…you also eat and drink constantly with little to no enjoyment, in fact grazing would be a better word.

This leads you to begin feeling like a big fat fucking moose as you fucking…argh, why are you such a big useless loser who – OOH AN EMAIL! YES! HERE WE GO FUTURE! 

4. Not getting the job this time around…



Perhaps you weren’t right for the position, or you weren’t qualified/experienced enough, maybe the owner got someone they knew in or they hired internally…there are many reasons you may have not got it this time…but only one sticks in your mind and torments both your living and sleeping mind.


Or something like that. My point is your mind can be a cruel cruel thing…it is unrelenting and with each email and phone call your resolve only weakens and your lack of confidence grows. It’s pretty grim, but you should…

5. Recognise you are a great person, and that the right job will come along soon.


Crying GIF

This is where I am at right now, or at least somewhere between these two polar opposites – things look bleak, and despite the fact it is sure to work its way out somehow/someway eventually…this offers very little comfort. 

So drop some inspiration in the comments…a stage 6 if you will – it’s really what I need to hear right now! And who knows, we could help some others feel better about their job search at the same time!



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29 Replies to “5 Stages to a Job Search”

  1. As we always tell our sons, when it comes to job searches and, well, good things in general, it is feast or famine. It will seem desolate and suddenly you are bombarded with responses, offers and more good things than you can stuff into your waistcoat fast enough. Or cargos if you are more casual. 😉 Life has a way of making us thankful for what we recieve. If things are too easy, they truly are not appreciated as much. Hang in there. I expect great things from-and for-you!
    PS You can trust me because I AM someone’s mother. 👍🏻


    1. I trust you, haha! This is so true, and I suppose that’s why you need to really appreciate things when they come around…as before you know it they may be gone, and you may be hunting around for something like it yet again. Just got to keep my head up with it all, fortunately blessed with a great family and set of friends. And my blogger friends too of course 🙂


      1. The stomach? Had a CT scan yesterday and heard from the consultant today that I have a small hole in my lower intestine. Hopefully the antibiotics I’m on should heal it, but I’ve got yet ANOTHER appointment tomorrow to discuss whether I need to be admitted for intravenous antibiotics instead.
        Ironically, this is the first day I’ve woken up in less pain than when I went to bed, which is a good sign because it shows my current meds are properly working.


  2. Good luck, John.
    Hang in there. Wish I could help but I’m an absolute wuss about job hunting.
    Ridiculously funny post 🙂 Thanks.


  3. Best wishes for your search! Or you could pursue writing, you are so gifted! Whatever you do, I know you’ll be successful! You have talent, humor, and courage. Can’t go wrong with those attributes! ~ Sheila


  4. Just keep firing off resumes even if you have interviews lined up. If the interview doesn’t pan out the way you want, there is a chance that another one will get lined up while your are mourning the loss of the last interview/opportunity. Set a goal like 2 resumes a day (no matter how many interviews you have set up) until you sign on the dotted line. Send out to places that are not advertising…you may get lucky. Job hunting is hard, but surely not as hard as trying to navigate in a country that doesn’t really speak your language. You can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ! That’s good thinking, definitely makes sense – the amount of things I send off seems ridiculous but it’s a numbers game (or so I am told!) so just keep it going and slowly shift the parameters of my job search as I do. I had an interview before and sort of let the job search slip away as I was sure I was going to get it after the second and final round – but it wasn’t to be. Lesson learned! Onward march! 😀


  5. Oh John! You never disappoint. You will be fine. Use your creativity and sense of humor. I just had this job interview in three different ways . Skype, in person, and them watching me teach not one but two forty min classes back to back. All they told me was that I needed more enthusiasm and left it at that.. I walked out thinking.. well fuck sake I’m not a fucking clown.. psshhh enthusiasm .. that night they called and offered me the job.. Everyone will see faults in you, but where one fails another one stands out. All you can do is take the critiscm and improve for next time. You’ll find something in time! Keep your head up!


    1. You’re the best Lill! I am actually really jealous of you and your travels back to the land of Korea – miss that place a lot; the food, the food, and the foo…all of it 🙂 I have another interview next Wednesday so wish me luck!


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