Rappers in skirts…

Rappers in skirts...

Spot the difference…wait…you can’t! All three photos show three fashionable gentlemen at the top of their game, three guys who are leading the way in hip-hop fashion!

Okay…fine…I admit the picture on the left is me in an apron…but still, close enough right?

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18 Replies to “Rappers in skirts…”

  1. Hmm…that’s quite an apron you’ve got on there….am not sure I want to know the story that JUST HAS to be behind that….


    1. haha, of course there is! It’s actually the teacher’s apron from the kindergarten cooking class…they beg me to put it on every time, because – well – I look completely ridiculous in it!

      I like how it looks too…maybe I’m not supposed to say that publicly…err…


      1. Hmmmm…”they beg you?” am thinking about who it is that actually does the begging here…the kids or the one who admittedly “likes how it looks…”


  2. Traveling John, where are you know? Maybe the moon… who knows.
    IΒ΄m with you here. I you know what itΒ΄s like to wear aprons I do it on a regular basis and itΒ΄s called being confident in your own masculinity.
    Those rapper punks…toe to toe with us two? They have nothing.


    1. Hey Charly, long time no speak ~ loving the poems!

      I’m in Italy right now, so yeah more to come on that sometime soon! But yeah man I’m with you! If a dude can’t get an apron on and cook something GOOD then he just isn’t doing it right!

      Although I did hear 2Pac used to cook a mean Victoria sponge cake back in the day…


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