Playroom Craziness

Dammit! Always so full of energy on Monday morning…I guess they’re pretty excitable too!

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12 Replies to “Playroom Craziness”

      1. If I got to work with kids I wouldn’t mind either of the M words, BUT I work with grown up children….makes both M words make you cringe. 🙂 I actually try something similar to this Pizza motivation but with wine.


      2. Believe me pizza AND wine is where it’s at ~ I know it’s a downward slope but there’s no other way 🙂

        haha oh and I used to work with big kids, sometimes easier, sometimes a lot harder ~ hats off to you Bethany!


      3. I work hard for my body… which means I can’t have pizza BUT have a slice for the both of us ;).

        Yeah I’m actually going to school to be a child therapist…I CAN’T WAIT. Then I can leave the world of adult babies behind and help littles work past their issues and hurts to become successful adults!


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