Suck my Balls.

My new obsession…

Suck my balls

Bubble tea! 

Kind of inappropriate advertising by Korea…but still! Good stuff!


31 Replies to “Suck my Balls.”

  1. There’s a place in Seattle’s International District that has bubble tea to die for in about as many flavors as…as that famous ice cream chain. It’s a couple blocks east of Uwajimaya, our enormous Japanese department store. Probably closer to where you usually are than Korea.


  2. Do you know bubble tea or “boba” tea is originated from Taiwan? They are so popular now across the globe. When I was younger, I used to “suck” them into the straw and shoot them out like bullets. It was so much fun lol.


  3. I’m sorry. I DO NOT understand the phenomenon of bubble tea drinks… In my hometown, there’s approx. 4 bubble tea shops in the downtown area, and they each have lines wrapped around the shop at all times of the day. I personally don’t like the “pearls” they put in the drinks…Give me a good ol’ lemon iced tea or iced milk tea, and that’s just fine for me.

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  4. My wife loves bubble tea, but then again, there isn’t anything that she wouldn’t try at least one in the realm of food. LoL. Sometimes she orders from the menu and when I ask what she ordered, she looks at it and says, “I don’t know.” HaHa

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  5. I’m thinking they really meant the ad to be “that” controversial to get people’s attention but if it was an “honest” mistake and they really didn’t see how it could spark controversy.. regardless of what the motive was, they got great results! People talking/drinking (and taking pictures) of it! 🙂
    Nice pic and I love your humor!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!


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