Less than a month till the big show – the graduation ceremony…where so much pressure is put on each, and every kindergarten student to perform – I’m talking; singing, dancing, poetry, speeches, music…and not to mention an insane amount of costume changes!

After last year’s Kung Fu Fighting display, I am in a tough situation – as obviously I want to top that! But have very little time to do so, and a class who do not speak any English! Urghhhh! But best not to be defeatist! So after a ridiculous amount of time spent trawling YouTube, I’ve decided that this time around it will be Ghostbusters! And guess who is playing the ghost? Well yeah, no prizes for that one, far too easy! 

Things are slowly coming together – we’ve got the outfits ready for the little ones, but they aren’t very authentic looking – so I drew, coloured, and laminated these badges for them to stick on their chest (to cover the lightning bolt that is there at the moment!) 


So far the kids know the lyrics of “Ghostbusters!” …not the whole song you understand- literally just that word. But it’s a start right?  

I’ll have to go looking for my costume in the coming weeks! And hope that repetition, repetition, repetition, helps them get the dance down! Wish me luck my friends!

48 Replies to “GHOSTBUSTERS! (Coming Soon)”

      1. I am of two minds in this area. Sometimes they do the story better the second (third, fourth, seventh) time around. On the other hand, the whole Spider-man reboot just reeked of greed. The origin stories were nine years apart! What I like about the new Ghostbusters, however, is the rumoured all female cast. Could be quite funny, if they do it right.


      2. Yeah, I hear you – but I think the main aim of these reboots are always just money making schemes – with no kind of respect for the original versions at all, this means that the script is found lacking, and consequently the whole saga is tarnished with shit. Urgh, let’s hope though.

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