Tarzan’s Embarrassment

A tale of embarrassment, and woe – straight from the most cringe worthy section of my childhood’s chronicles!


9 Replies to “Tarzan’s Embarrassment”

  1. Hilarious! I can relate to birthday party embarrassment. The first of many embarrassments of many kinds actually. Thank goodness for a sense of humor, yeah?


      1. Well for the birthday party, I didn’t actually know it was a birthday party, and so I was the only one to show up without a gift. Embarrassment and social faux pas all at once. The rest of the list is a bit long so I won’t regale you with it here, suffice to say laughter is very necessary in my life!


  2. Not the most embarrassing moment in my life, but certainly of my elementary school days…. My school took the grade 7’s to camp at the beginning of the school year and it’s a time for everyone in all the classes to bond. One day I wanted to go fishing in the canoe… I wore a swimsuit with gum boots and held my child size fishing pole with pride. Everyone thought it looked hilarious (it was..what was I thinking?), and the teacher took a picture of me in near tears…. it became one of the photos on his computers slideshow screensaver. I saw it everyday T_T


  3. You’re right! I can’t top that one. Poor lad. I can guess what happened afterwards though, and why you don’t remember it. The mother, knowing kids crave sugar, got you high on sugar, and thus it is all like a black hole from the sugar high. You actually probably overdosed on sugar, I am guessing in relation to your embarrassment, and you were probably carried out on a gurney. Funny!

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  4. No way. I was about kindergarten age, first trip to an amusement park, playing in a giant ball pit. Climbed out to the elevated side, someone made me laugh and i had some public urination. Adults were pointing and laughing at me (which i still think was very rude and unnecessary). I think i stopped being embarrassed after that, it was the worst. Nothing else seemed that bad.

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