Lost Marbles

I think I may have just lost my marbles…not literally obviously – I mean I don’t even own marbles in the first place, so it would be impossible to literally lose them. Also I’m quite careful with things, especially with particularly precious items – and I’m guessing they must be pretty fucking special marbles if people bemoan misplacing them quite so much. And make such a huge hullabaloo even when other people do the same with their own…

So yes…metaphorical marbles. I may have lost mine. Although I must say I wasn’t certain – so naturally I turned to the glorious all-knowing oracle we know and love – The Internet…she had this to say:

Losing Marbles

Well I’m not living under a bridge like poor Jimmy, but I do still feel slightly mad. I left my house today needing a change of scenery, I told myself I’d find a cafe so I could continue. But I didn’t find a cafe…well I did actually, I found several – but I didn’t stop. I just kept walking, and I was like “well, that was a cafe? Why didn’t you go in? What’s going on here?!” But I wasn’t listening to myself, or more to the point – I was, but I was ignoring my own queries every single time I passed a perfectly good place.

Just wandering around, then waiting for the lights to change – and then across the road I’d go, then down a street, then around a corner, and on again…and again, and again…sometimes seeing the same faces of stranger’s – who looked bewildered at having spotted me three times in fifteen minutes. I tried to look like I had direction. Like I had an urgent appointment. A business meeting…a lunch date…something that normal people do…

I feel deranged. 

And all of this was poorly glossed over by the music that trickled out of my earphones. A droning crooning…about hearts falling off things, or into things…or something along those lines anyway. It began to grate on me, so much so that I would shut it off completely, if it wasn’t for the fact I’d hear the world’s external sounds. Better this, than that. 

But where do you buy marbles? All this coffee, and no fucking marble shops – I haven’t even heard of a marble shop now I come to think of it, have you? 


19 Replies to “Lost Marbles”

  1. As a child, I was constantly worried about losing my marbles. So much so, i saved my pocket money up, for like a bazillion weeks, then purchased my bag of marbles, and rented out a special safety deposit box

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  2. For starters, marbles are actually “ollies”! You would find them at a toy store or even some supermarkets – yes even today! I loved playing ollies as a kid; and the rules were sometimes quite complicated.
    I understand this seemingly whimsical passing-by of cafe after cafe. Sometimes the feet know more than the head! But I’m glad your feet finally found the right place. Enjoy 🙂


  3. Funny expression: “loosing my marbles”! If you find your metaphorical marbles somewhere, send me directions cause I may find mine there too 🙂
    Sometimes, it is healthy to just wander around town exercising your feet rather than your brain, don’t you think?
    Loved this post 😉


  4. Somehow I ended up here after wandering through my Reader. I resell all those marbles people have lost. To me it’s abandoned childhood memories. If you really want some to keep your mind more occupied, try your local multi-dealer antique shop.


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