Nike – Just Do…

I don’t know who makes all of the t-shirts in Korea...but there are some bad products out there! Bad is an understatement – there are some AWFUL products out there! Actually, I don’t even know where to begin! Sometimes they are just harmless errors, or sometimes the English doesn’t make sense at all- but occasionally the English sentence is just down-right woeful!

I have no idea who who checks the grammar, or perhaps it doesn’t even matter in people’s minds…but for some reason I reckon the old lady with ‘SEX GIRLS ONLY’ written on her cap would probably have a minor heart attack – if someone where to tell her!

Cringe Host GIF

The best example, (and by best I mean worst!) I can give is this particular instance…you see I was walking around a shopping mall, when a little girl ran into me all of a sudden – this surprised her for a second (and me too!) but then she toddled off someplace else, the image of her stayed with me though. You see she was wearing a t-shirt that was meant to be an imitation of a style one…you know their famous marketing phrase – ‘JUST DO IT!’ Which is supposed to excite people, and tells them they should always try hard, take risks – and do their utmost in every task! Quite inspiring! Right?

Well yes, I certainly think so!

But the imitation t-shirt was just that, And so it wasn’t exactly like the original…it was the same colour, and it had the style tick design…the same type of font for the lettering…but instead of ‘JUST DO IT!’ it read…


Which errr, yeah…means something completely different…

29 Replies to “Nike – Just Do…”

  1. Sadly enough, particularly here in the US – those sayings are finding their way onto all kinds of products for kids and parents don’t seem to give a flying…”farfegnugen” as to what types of messages their kids are wearing. sigh…

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  2. yup, no proofreading or non-English speaking countries companies seemingly doing their translations with google translate or some very poor school dictionaries of some 10k words in total does lead to some funny and not so funny situations. Like a company’s slogan proudly tells ye that the company is a ‘sea of tastes’, where ‘sea of flavors’ would be so much better. And I’m not even talking about a situation, when one of the breweries once put a message on their finest beer, that it’s ‘the best we have’, until some one made them a suggestion to correct the message into ‘our finest’. And some of the businesses can’t even be bothered to make such corrections as if sending out the wrong message is just what they’ve set out to do or something 😉


  3. I haven’t been to it in years but I used to visit a website called ‘’ that highlighted those grammatical mistakes add well sold t-shirts with those same mistakes. Comedy gold!!


  4. From what I hear, younger kids are having sex these days, which is too bad in many ways. But on the note of the language barrier, it reminds me of an episode of Big Bang Theory where a phone auto-corrects Architect into Astronaut.


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