Winter Sickness (AKA: KIDS!)

First, and foremost thank you to everyone for the show of support, and concern – the love is appreciated, that’s for sure! I’m feeling a little under the weather, but with better spirits…so I made this video to warn you of the dangers of children – wrap up, wear a mask, and keep your distance!

I’ve caught the winter sickness…that doesn’t mean you need to get infected to – SAVE YOURSELF!

21 Replies to “Winter Sickness (AKA: KIDS!)”

  1. I liked this photo and your description of yourself. Poor pitiful John! I am smiling and hoping you won’t be feeling under the weather for long.
    Kids are ‘carriers’ definitely! I like the commercial that has the children walking home from school carrying all the things they touched home with them. So accurate a picture!

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  2. Feel better! I caught it too. I knew I was a goner when my four year old son leaned in to give me a kiss and then sneezed and coughed right in my face last week. He literally sprayed his germs all over my face. And then he laughed. 🙂


  3. Oh brother, I got it too! Indirectly from a “kid” who sneezed in my husband’s face while he was a work. He got sick, became a big “bug” and gave it to me! Hope you are feeling better. I understand it lingers a while and takes it’s time leaving, even after the fever subsides. Christine


  4. I worked in childcare for almost a decade. Let me rephrase that. I was an illness incubator for almost a decade. I hated getting sick, but those germ-infested. snotty noses were irresistible when they had a “secret” to share.


  5. My daughter is a sometimes college professor, but she loves teaching english at the 8th grade level. She also specializes in reading disabilities, so feels she can help them more at this level. So anyway she has, disease wise, basically whatever they are having. Kind of like a soup du jour! So I may go over to drop off some emergency groceries, medic supplies, or maybe just walk the dogs whenever she has been stricken with the disease of the month! Then she gets her feelings all in a twist when I shy away from a thank you hug and kiss. I mean it’s like here, have some plague!


  6. Sorry you’re sick, John. And so far away from home. But brilliant post despite your ‘child poisoning’.

    Kids! Don’t get me started. They’re like a Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”. That wet, bubbling upper lip covered in snot, and they want to kiss you. Those sticky hands with black dirt cemented under the finger nails, and they bring you a biscuit. They prop the pet kitty up with a well-placed hand on its arsehole, go to the toilet and don’t wash their hands and eat sand from the playground. They are a hotbed of germs and bacteria.

    I don’t care how much their parents believe they’re adorable…… I KNOW what they’re capable of and they scare me. Take care. Be brave. Wear a facemask. And gloves. Fight the good fight, John

    PS – a good way to bind your tummy and stop the mass exist, over-boil a pot of rice. The starch floats on the surface, that white, frothy stuff. Drink it. It really does work


  7. The way that the kid was breathing into your face, I was surprised that you didn’t get tuberculosis. XD Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the black death happened or why china has that one child policy. Kids can make or break a nation.


  8. Have you read The Girl With All the Gifts? I can’t say too much for anyone who hasn’t – although you really should. Kids are definitely to be avoided unless in a biohazard suit. The story might extend things a bit, but the imaginary has to start somewhere and germ-ridden kids is the truth!


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