Umbrella Please!

I should probably preface this by pointing out that (in my experience) Koreans are an amiable, friendly, and warm-hearted lot! But naturally there’s always the bad apples…and I met one on Saturday night…

The setting was central Itaewon, it’s a very ‘foreigner-friendly’ place, which isn’t particularly my bag – but I was out with friends, and we were heading to the next place in high spirits…it was then that we were stopped by a kind looking middle aged Korean lady, who looked rather unassuming, and normal…if there is such a look. Anyway, she was stroking my friends arm, and speaking in a soothing voice, what exactly I am unsure. But after a few awkward moments we started to walk away, and that is when all hell broke loose. That was when I definitely knew what she was saying…


(“Fuck off! Fuck off! CUNT! FUCK OFFFF!”)

Nod Emma GIF

Yes, I know the swear words better than than the language itself, but let’s not focus on that issue! Let’s instead focus more on the fact that this stranger was suddenly spitting (literally) at us, for just carrying on our way. I actually didn’t know what to do – I don’t think anyone did who was there to behold the spectacle. She had just went from 0-100…from a sweet Minnie Mouse, to a mad spluttering Donald Duck. 

All I could do was try and dodge the spittle, because no matter how much I wished that I had an umbrella – I knew that wouldn’t make it suddenly appear.


Her eyes were flooded with violence, as she wagged her arms like mad hate-filled propellers in our general direction. We stared in disbelief, and then just shrugged, and turned away…hoping she wouldn’t follow us further to give us an earful! Thankfully she didn’t – I’m assuming she must have met another unsuspecting group, and started the whole mad conversation all over again.

Single life, huh? Fun times. 


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30 Replies to “Umbrella Please!”

  1. Wow! I’ve seen that happen a few times here. Luckily I haven’t had that unfortunate experience in my 6 years here. It’s always awkward to see it go down, but I can’t imagine how much more awkward it is for people like your friend.

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      1. Understandable. What a strange situation to find yourselves in!

        Do you think it was because you’re foreigners and she had a problem with that, or do you think perhaps she was a bit mentally unwell?


  2. Did you understand what she was saying in the beginning when she seemed endearing.My guess is she was asking for something , there was a language barrier, and she mistook your lack of reply to her questions as an insult not recognising that language was the cause of communication lack she lashed out with language frustration , the fact that she went completely over the top probably means she was an addict and wanted her next fix , poor woman, and poor you for being caught up in something not nice that really had nothing to do with you all personally and actually nothing to do with the woman personally as it was her addiction that was at fault and that really is an illness and she personally has no control over it. Happy Days, your posts always spark of the philosopher in me ha ha . Kathy.


      1. No, but I hear Emma Watson likes to sidle up to Korean strangers in the street, stroke them and then spit fur balls of venom at them.
        Or maybe that’s just my imagination thinking THAT would be totally awesome!!!


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