Washed Thumbs.

I’ve noticed something (BREEEEP-BREEEEEP! MASSIVE GENERALISATION ALERT! BREEEEP! BREEEEP!) there is less of a fondness towards the washing of one’s hands after use of the lavatory here in Korea. Well, the men at least, the older men in particular – I can’t really speak for the ladies – they frown upon me entering their bathroom you see. I know! Political correctness gone mad! Anyway, I digress…

My point is that a healthy majority just seem to splash, and dash. I imagine they feel that the urinal (hate that word! That’s my equivalent to people’s distaste to ‘moist’) is less of a touchy, touchy situation so they reckon they don’t have to wash their hands…

Korea GIF

Now I’m not here to launch some kind of campaign. I don’t want people to start ranting on Twitter, and making phrases like #SKHandWash, or #PeePeeGate trend. I just needed to provide that background so I could tell you of a funny little occurrence I had today –

I was in the public bathroom after watching the surprisingly good Big Hero 6 – and as per usual I’m cramped in the corner, and just trying to be over, and done as fast as humanely possible. It was really squashed, and tight in there which made the whole process all the more stifling, and irritating. However for how many people there were in there – there was only one guy standing at the sink washing his hands! Result, I thought to myself! In a weird kinda way…the lackadaisical approach to basic hygiene has paid off!

So I strolled over there – well not strolled, the floor was all wet, and a relaxed stroll could have meant I’d slip over and fall face first into a thousand men’s combined urine trail. So no, it was more of a cautious stepping, I lied about the stroll thing. Wanted to appear more cool I guess. Apologies. 

Disaster GIF

Anyway I got to the sink, and felt my other hand-washing partner stare me down. I could sense him in my peripheral vision – just glaring at me, as he massaged the soap into his hands. Perhaps he is so used to being the only one washing his hands that he took me as a threat?! A rival to his position?! I couldn’t be sure, so I looked back at him, to see what his deal was –

But he wasn’t grimacing with anger at all – he was smiling, in fact he looked over the moon!

“Hand washing?” he beamed, as he winked, and held up soapy thumbs as a sign of his excitement,

“Yeah…” I said, rather blankly – instantly feeling bad for not reciprocating his positivity,

“We’re cool guys. Hand washing is cool!” he cooed, as he dried his hands. I nodded, and did my best fake smile – which felt convincing at the time. He then clicked his fingers, and did a little half-dance wiggle, before heading out.

Back GIF

So my thoughts regarding the whole thing are this – perhaps a nationwide commercial/advertisement? With that guy as the face of the whole thing…he could revolutionize the culture. He certainly changed my view on the whole thing!

But how do I find him…hmmm…



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29 Replies to “Washed Thumbs.”

  1. Well John after reading this I may have to wash my hands of Korea. Perhaps you could take out an ad, “Wanted, the one man in Korea who washed his hands.” If nothing else, it may guilt the rest of the country into the practice.

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  2. I think hand washing is much more common in the women’s room than the men’s. In fact, I think if I left a women’s room without washing my hands, I would be greeted by scowls and rude comments the likes of which you have never known. Almost the opposite on this side my friend. As usual, you men are neanderthals.

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  3. Japan is known for its fastidiousness. However in the 70’s I spent a year there and bathrooms were communal, there was no place to even wash your hands. I always hoped restaurants were different! Probably different now, at least I hope the slit trench is a thing of the past.

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    1. John I can understand that, I do feel that in comparison to China Korea is great with the hygiene overall – just the older generation of guys who don’t see it as too necessary. Things are starting to change I reckon anyway, as they always do.


  4. Ugh. I always hate walking by the entrance to the men’s lavatory. LAVATORY, as in, euphemism, “where you wash” supposed-to-equal “where you go pee-pee”. Smuck, smuck, smuck. Sticky pee-pee floor. Is that my imagination, or is there a distinctive….STINK….wafting up from the murky regions under the table? BLEAAAAaaaach! It’s on my shoes! That wretched hell-spawn stench of stale urine mixed with stale beer! OK, gotta go puke now, bye.

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    1. I think it’s the older generation at fault for the most part, they are A LOT better than China overall. The kids I teach are often like “why?” when I tell them to wash their hands – so I think it’s just a relaxed culture with it. Particularly with boys!


  5. I suppose IF the older men have the muscle control to maneuver and hit the target without ever touching anything but the zipper, then I agree, hand washing not needed. But I’d like to meet that fella! Talk about muscle control….I mean, WOW! Magic Mike move over!!!
    And on the Titled subject of washed thumbs…isn’t that what most all hand washing commercials tend to show?washing JUST the thumbs?? (hee, hee 🙂


  6. Unwashed hands are filth, but that handwashing guy sounds kinda creepy. I don’t know how else to solve this matter rationally than to start trending #PeePeeGate I feel this would solve all hahaha.


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