The Facebook You

Thanks to the dear old internet we all know and love, we live a rather strange and abstract state of being. A one filled with more tricks than the mightiest of magicians. And just like the illusionist we are constantly revealing only select parts of ourselves, but refusing to show the whole thing to anyone…for fear we are unveiled as a fraud. Someone who won’t be accepted. Someone who won’t be loved…

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But despite this people are often told “just be yourself!” – which is all well and good…but what if we suck? What if we truly act in ways that are in line with our true nature…and people reject us for it? What then? Just keep going on that path of loneliness till we die?

That’s our internal voice speaking…and in the age of the internet it is louder than ever, and moreover is listened to a lot more too. So to combat this we crop, cut, and reorder our life…selecting only the best parts of our existence to share with the rest of the world – and stifling the rest. Praying it’ll never be made public! I mean the shame of it all if someone found out something awful…

…like not giving two shits about fucking cute kitten videos.

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People should just be honest – if you hate the sound of  babies laughing, and enjoy chewing on your hair…just state it! No one will think you are weird, I promise!

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13 Replies to “The Facebook You”

  1. Yeah, but then the people who do that often end up sharing mundane crap from their life and you end up hiding their posts because you really don’t care that they bought rope a shovel and duct tape from the hardware store… wait… what?

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  2. I’m an open book really, but, there are things that are off limits whether it is a face to face relationship or an internet relationship. (Internet relationships are really just very distant acquaintances.) I don’t tell secrets to anyone. I don’t share private stuff to anyone but my inner circle. I don’t share things that others might find an invasion of their privacy (photos, stories…) I try not to treat anyone except my inner circle as free therapy. And hopefully I don’t bore people with shovel purchases (nod to DitchTheBun). People are naive if they believe they are really seeing the inner soul of someone on the internet. And if you truly are seeing someones entire inner soul on the internet then there may be an over sharing thing bordering on needing professional help. We can be honest with acquaintances without over reveals.


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