Finally Returning Home (FEELINGS)

It’s a very weird thing this whole travelling lark – especially when it is to far-flung lands and for prolonged periods…you see the home you once knew sort of changes…

Would love to hear of some of your experiences with this…

…how did you deal with it, how did you cope with the sudden change?

If you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can!

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8 Replies to “Finally Returning Home (FEELINGS)”

  1. I was away from home for awhile… 8 monthsish. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming back…lol stayed at a hotel…ran around town hoping I can wouldn’t run into anyone…checked it all out..not alot changed….I did run into a couple people I didn’t hang out with..I told them I had been back awhile..blah blah cut it short.. So after about 3 days I took a taxi hom walked in…surprised everyone and acted like like the new stuff they tried to point out was here before I left… Lol. I knew all about it as I had checked out everything….

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  2. You know that place will always be the home where u started… But your real home us where you lay your head every night…. Don’t feel like you have to go back to live….go to Canada… Or the states…. Your young ed enjoy!!!

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  3. I tried to be nonchalant about the changes back home when I was away for an extended period, but it can be hard. Actually it can be a bit maddening, when you notice something like “I know something used to be in that strip mall but what was it?” Or when the’ve finally put in a new White Castle where it would’ve been convenient when I used to live there but I’ll never visit now.

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  4. I left home at 18 but the most profound ‘coming back feeling’ was when I moved further, out of state and came back 2 years later with husband and baby. People treated me weirdly and I realized that I had changed. You can’t become a mother without changing. Weird about covers it. Not bad or good, just weird. Different. It’s like I was walking around looking through a fish eye lens.

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  5. I like the shirt!!
    And I wasn’t gone long enough to experience huge changes in the area, but I did notice that I’m out of the loop, and that I changed while abroad, which meant I interacted differently. It is nice to be home after a year abroad (though not as “distant” as Korea, since there’s not as large cultural differences between Germany and US), but I feel bit like I’m experieincing “home” like a foreign land again, waiting to get used to it again.

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  6. After three years living overseas, I was ready to move back to the UK: after living in a hot and humid climate, I really missed the fresh air, the rain, the greenery and the distinct seasons!! I missed the wide choice of food and my friends and family. But I also was really not looking forward to leaving behind my new friends and my new lifestyle. Oddly, living overseas can mean that neither place quite feels like home, or perhaps more poignantly both places feel like home. It can be a little sad relocating again and you do find if you return to the same place that nothing has changed, but everyone has changed, or maybe you have changed. But it’s also exciting times ahead.


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