A spot of unfortunate toilet trouble ended up in me coming to one pretty solid conclusion…that kids are weird, and there’s no two ways around it! I mean what would you have done in this situation I found myself in…

Every day is another lesson in straight up strangeness. I swear. 

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16 Replies to “KIDS ARE WEIRDOS!”

  1. You’re hilarious, John. I can definitely relate as a former substitute teacher and presently as a nurse, who has dealt with every bodily fluid there is up close and personally. Way too up close and personally, trust me!


  2. Bathroom privacy and kids-never happen. Excellent training for when you are a parent.
    Blackmail and bribery are excellent tools of the trade. Learn a few more tips from my experience: I could grocery shop with 4 preschoolers and not loose my mind because I told them that if they didn’t drive me crazy we’d go to McDonalds. The trick was you have to back up your threats and promises. We went to McDonalds Playland and stayed for 2-3 hours. (They wont scream when it is time to leave if they actually get the chance to get tired.) They knew I meant my promise and they were very good in the store. (One of my charges did drive me crazy ONCE. The others were good though, so we went to McDonalds anyway. The naughty boy got a burger and salad. The others got a Happy Meal with fries, chicken nuggets and a toy. Never had a problem after that. You have to back up your threats and promises! LOL!

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