Wiz Khalifa (Honesty)

So there is some news out… if you can call it news, actually I don’t think anyone calls TMZ news – just new fictional stories spun into almost believable headlines. But anyway, yeah; there is a story flying around that (SHOCK, HORROR!) a rapper by the name of Wiz Khalifa has cheated on his wife, Amber Rose. Naturally this is everyone else’s business, and until there are facts from both camps we are just forced to listen to any wild theory that a random person may pluck from the air any given day…Wiz Khalifa insisted on bathing in gravy every day, Amber Rose would only let Wiz wear bacon in the house, Wiz refused to talk in English with her – instead creating his own impossibly intricate language which made communication impossible….and the list goes on, well my imagination goes on – which is basically the same thing when it comes to celebrity gossip news nowadays.

Cage GIF

It seems that there was cheating…possibly on both sides, but maybe not – he was on tour, and was all “what happens on tour, stays on tour!” but then forgot, and decided to have sex with two biological twins in the master bedroom…Amber had mixed feelings about this when she walked in on the display. Which I kinda get…

I must say I am not obsessed with celebrity culture, actually I largely abhor it…I do think that special people, who do good, or achieve amazing things should be celebrated, and consequently should become a celebrity. But that is not how it works…most of the people I admire shy away from such a side of the lime-light, and continue to impress me with what they do…not with their Miley Cyrus’ scandal, or Justin Bieber styled controversy. Instead, what I am trying to highlight is something quite stupid that has irked me for some years…I would love an answer if anyone has it…okay here it goes ~

Rappers want to be considered real, right? …we are supposed to believe what they say is fact – which is often difficult, as we wonder how a person has time to move 1,000KG of cocaine between all of the tailored fittings, press conferences, and radio guest spots…but I digress. So if we are to believe what they say as truth…and a rapper is talking about how many groupies he…you know…then how can their spouses be mad? They kind of signed up for that…is this not a huge paradox?!! Or am I missing the point here?! This is how I picture the inevitable arguments between the rapper, and his wife:

“You said you listened to my new song!? You said you liked it!”

“I did like it, I loved it! But that doesn’t change the fact you LIED TO ME!”

“WHOAAAT?! You are INSANE – in the song, I talked about all the bitches I fu-“


“So I thought that meant I had the go ahead…did you really listen to the song? YOU DIDN’T DID YOU?!”

“I…I…I did.”


“Wait..ah, that makes sense actually – good job, proud of you honey.”


Case in point guys, this is from Wiz’s new album, taken from a track called The Sleaze: “My job is sleazy, it’s way too easy, Just got the newest thang, get it with ease, hopped up out the bed, did it with sleaze.” The man may be lots of things, but he is not dishonest – in a genre filled with fake thugs, false gangsters, and lots more…he stands as a guardian of all that is truthful. He is a dirty, cheating scumbag sure, but he says it in every song – so no biggie…right? Like I say I would love to go to Egypt,  and see the pyramids, okay? So it wouldn’t be a shock if, maybe a year later – you read a story of mine talking about the time I visited Egypt, and saw the pyramids. Yeah?


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43 Replies to “Wiz Khalifa (Honesty)”

  1. I think there is always a difference between what celebrities portray to their audience and who they truly are. Not to sound completely egotistical, but even with my husband and I, there is a difference with how we portray ourselves in social media and how we truly are. I kind of get what you say…it’s like ‘you married this guy. Did you not hear his songs? What did you expect?’ Well in this case I guess the woman was a bit naive, but I don’t think that is always the case.

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    1. Oh for sure, if there was a point I was trying to make it was that people have this fascination with celebrity that is largely illusory. It’s bizarre how caught up people get in it…despite only being inactive onlookers.

      But yes…haha, surely songs of that nature are warning signs for any possible beau haha!

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  2. Neither rap nor celebrity appeal here (at least of the Kardashian ilk). Much more aligned with your ‘celebrating” noble people and their deeds.

    I posted about this, too, in the aftermath of Robin Williams’ death and the social media world lighting up because a celebrity took his “depressed” life. At the same time, few were even acknowledging global strife, poverty, or solutions for real world issues. Whatever!

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    1. Eric!!!! You surprise me Sir, I thought of you as an intelligent man…and then I find out you don’t care about what Lady Gaga is up to…or who Lindsay Lohan has slept with?!?!? You fool! 😉

      Only joking, noble people all the way…you have the right idea!

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  3. I think that when someone writes a song and decides to “keep it real,” things can go anywhere between Taylor Swift honesty (which is pretty darn relatable!) To the kind of lifestyle Wiz Khalifa and likes endorse. However, he chose the married life, the married life didn’t choose him! “Keeping it real” would entail rapping about changing diapers and grocery shopping…no more rapping about sleaze, Wizzy.

    Also, Egypt. I’ll continue to remind you till next year 😉

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  4. Have you read the lyrics (if you can call them that) to Anaconda? I was considering posting about it, but I am torn because I don’t know if I want to give it more attention. At first I was mad because I thought it totally murdered Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back which I thought was a really clever song at the time… then I read her lyrics and the whole thing is just of such low quality. Most of it is so offensive that I would never write it in someone elses comments. I am really open minded and I have a dirty sense of humour, I write about things on my blog that some people would consider taboo, but that… mmm yeah, no. I think very little of her as a person let’s put it that way, so yes I do believe that an artists work reflects them as a person.
    I can’t remember the persons name, but there was an artist a few years back that got some media coverage because he used blood and urine to paint his canvases… as if we weren’t all thinking there was something seriously wrong with that dude!! I feel it is the same sort of thing. The same as I am always a bit iffy about actors who only take on really psychotic roles.


  5. Its funny how people protest about certain celebrities being honest decent people when their songs say otherwise (I am tempted to say you are what you sing..lol). But at the end of the day,both parties of hollywood ‘marriages’ know what they sign up for. So now the unexpected has happened to this ‘flawless’ couple let’s hold hands and sing hallelujah.
    Egypt! Can’t wait for you to tell us a story of a Mummy chasing you for your autograph.Looking forward to that John.


  6. Okay, lemme have a crack at ‘splaining this.

    He says: “Oh baby, from now on it’s just gonna be you and me. You’re the only one. I don’t need those other bitches any more. They don’t mean nothing to me. You are everything. I don’t need anybody else. Let’s do this. Let’s get married. It’ll be great. I’ll give you everything. I love you so much. I can’t live without you. You’re my queen.” [Repeat as necessary.]


  7. This sort of reminds me of the ‘scandal’ last month of Kim K. getting her nude photos hacked by the same people who did all the other celebs. My first thought was, ‘…what the hell. Kim is really distressed about this and people are reporting it. This is how she got her name anyway.’ I just don’t get most of the shit that happens, and shake my head walking away. I seriously don’t think celebs were this messed up when I was younger, then I have a few examples which remind me they have been messed up forever.

    Looking forward to the Egypt trip too. Now you have to go, we are all waiting.


  8. WHY DO CELEBRITIES DO THIS, I MEAN, It’s not like they are SO special or anything!
    Anyway, Happy Hour for me:

    *Do you understand this? This is how I hardly understand rapping.


  9. I remember wiz saying something about how young girls should take note of Beyoncé bc she did it right…she has a career, got married then had a baby. Yet he doesn’t think to himself to take note and realize that he is a father and maybe cheating on his wife (allegedly) wasn’t cool. Rap life or not. That’s not keeping it real. Keeping it real would have been to tell the wife, “yo I can’t be married anymore I got some hoes I ain’t done with yet!” Lol


  10. I am perhaps going to get ripped for this, but if you marry a male in the realm of sports/music–please expect groupies as part of the deal. I am not saying all men who happen to play sports and make music cheat, but refrain from the surprised look on your face when he does. LoL


    1. Exactly man, exactly! It’s part and parcel, which is an unfortunate truth…but a truth all the same! That’s why I feel all the “OH MY GOD HOW COULD HE?!?” headlines are dumb. It’s a bad move by him…but in no way a shock.


  11. To be quite honest, I don’t follow celeb news because i simply don’t care. They are people also and I don’t listen to music that has meaningless lyrics. yes I believe you can read underlying information and analyze the words but the context is atrocious. Any rapper that raps about starting from somewhere they haven’t and talking about issues that don’t apply to them and encouraging or giving faith to the younger generation on how they act is acceptable is not okay with me.
    All celebrity news and any one who follows has a simulation of what reality is. Most don’t understand that they do not live normal lives. They tour and have more than enough amenities but don’t create an environment that will help others around them. Our younger generation is turning into a self-centered pile of mush. Sorry for rambling but once i read this I am on the same mind set as you


    1. Interesting! I think that the celebrity culture has flooded out into the mainstream so much so, that now, “ordinary people” have an obsession with it…it’s unfortunate really, as many people want to be famous just to be famous…and may feel that if they do not reach this lofty almost impossible goal, then they have failed as people. But they won’t have, most of the time they have lived rich and meaningful lives…did a lot for others, cared for their friends and family, and made a true difference in their communities…just because they haven’t walked on a red carpet, or had leaked naked photos doesn’t make them any less of a person.

      haha, you ramble, I ramble – it’s good to ramble sometimes 😉


      1. I completely agree! I’m more into the hero of those around me who have brought families in or given people jobs but enough about that. You’re posts are amazing and I look forward reading them when I have the chance 🙂


  12. Great post!! I would be totally and utterly pissed if I walked in on my guy with two twins in bed. Who wouldn’t?!?!?! Celebrity gossip like this is headline news. Anything that makes people turn their heads. But you’re right good news about celebrities or anyone doing good for society should be celebrated!


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